C3D Labs, a Russian vendor of unique tools for engineering software developers, and a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center, enters the US Market with new C3D 2017 Toolkit. The product was presented to the US customers at the Pre-COFES 2017 Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it is now officially available in the US market.

C3D Toolkit is a software development kit responsible for constructing and editing geometric models. Computer-aided design systems (CAD) are the most widely known software that requires tools like C3D. Modeling kits are also used systems such as computerized manufacturing (CAM) and engineering (CAE). C3D is the only modeling kit that incorporates all four modules critical to CAD: Modeler for 2D/3D modeling, Solver for 2D/3D constraint solving, Vision for 3D visualization, and Converter for data exchange.

The new version is in line with one of the key trends in CAD development – support of in-browser calculations: C3D Solver for JavaScript – is the first browser Solver in the market. A new product dramatically reduces the complexity of development and allows end-users to work in the browser even without the Internet. This new C3D product line today presented at Congress on Future of Engineering Software (COFES) in Scottsdlale, Arizona.

Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs: “We step by step went to the goal to enter the US market – one of the most important regions for CAD/CAM industry. The first step was the publication of the Nikolay Golovanov’s “Geometric Modeling” book in English, the second – partnership with IntrinSIM Company as our reseller. Our own event in the US confirms the seriousness of our intentions to work in America.”

Also, C3D Labs reports, that EE Boost Inc. (Cary, NC, US) chose C3D Labs’ line of products for the development of its high-performance simulation software of wave behavior in acoustic, elastic, electronic, and photonic applications.

“In our simulation, we have to deal with large, complex geometric environments,” said Dr. Tian Xiao, CEO of EE Boost. “We found that the C3D Modeler totally meets our needs. The results are what we expect, and the performance is good.”

Dr. Xiao notes that the API (application programming interface) is easy to understand and use. With the well-written documentation, EE Boost easily finds the right functions for its tasks.

Another reason for choosing C3D is that it comes with C3D Vision, which provides EE Boost ready-to-use functions for managing three-dimensional scenes and animations in its Qt-based GUI development.  C3D Vision significantly improves the visualization capabilities of EE Boost software by increasing the rendering quality of 3D models, as well as speeding the processing of large assemblies.

“In summary, with robust, efficient, and easy-to-use libraries from C3D Labs, we can provide our customers fully-commercialized, high-quality software that focuses on our expertise in developing leading edge simulation kernels,” added Mr Xiao.

“It’s great that an American company has joined the pool of our customers from Europe and Asia. This makes C3D a truly global product,” said Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs. “During their evaluation, the EE Boost team seriously tested the robustness and performance of C3D. It was a real test, and our product delivered the expected results.”

Evgeny Selivanov, Head of Industrial Technologies, Skolkovo IT cluster commented: ‘Today we can confidently say that it was the right step to make C3D available for third-party developers. C3D has great potential for use by developers of innovative engineering software for mechanical engineering, EAC and medicine.”

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