C3C, the blockchain initiative that envisions disrupting advertising and online media by connecting creators, consumers and advertisers, is finding success in the public pre-sale.

Founded by the industry-leading team from CryptoCoin.News, including Editor in Chief Simon Cocking (one of the world’s top ICO advisors), C3C has its momentum building.

Right at the start of the public pre-sale ($5,000 minimum investment with 25% bonus), it announced a partnership with Multiversum, the fourth generation relational blockchain. Andrea Taini, the founder of Multiversum and a software architect with more than a decade of experience in government, financial, and telecommunications industries, is also joining C3C’s advisory board. He said:

“I’m excited to see what C3C is doing and that Multiversum can play a role in it. The next generation of advertising needs a next-generation blockchain.”

Here are the top reasons why you should get into the pre-sale today:

10 – C3C is on a mission to change advertising as we know it. No one likes ads, and the industry should be disrupted by a viable blockchain initiative.

9 – C3C’s infrastructure is supported by Multiversum, a fourth-generation relational blockchain that offers chain splitting, scalability, data sequencing, and parallelism. Transactions on Multiversum are completed faster than you can blink, at 0.2 seconds. That’s a far cry from current transaction speeds of other blockchains, and integral to the requirements of an advertising ecosystem. The database’s performance is impressive at 64k TPS (1000 per core TPS), with low power consumption as Proof of Integrity is used in computing.

8 – The C3C token is an infrastructure token that will power the whole ecosystem. Imagine being in on the ground on a blockchain like Ethereum.

7 – C3C will support leveraged staking. If you commit to keeping C3C tokens in the C3C wallet, you will automatically earn more tokens – with the option of having tokens sold to advertisers at a profit.

6 – C3C will put the ownership of personal data where it belongs: with you. You should be able to control what you share, with whom, and get rewarded for it.

5 – The C3C advisory board includes technology and advertising experts. Over the coming few weeks, more members of the team will be revealed.

4 – The team behind C3C is real and experienced. Coming from CryptoCoin.News, it counts over 35 journalists, 20 in the video studio, and networks with a dozen other leading crypto sites.

3 – C3C is building a massive community. Already over 15,000 crypto enthusiasts have joined the movement.

2- C3C has the one thing that many other projects in online content are missing: reach. Through the flagship site CryptoCoin.News, InvestItIn.com and its partnership with a dozen other leading cryptp sites, its audience reaches over 80m uniques per month.

1 – The global advertising industry is worth over $500 billion. Blockchain is going to disrupt it. Be among the first to join the revolution!

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