Irish tech start-up, VT Networks, is offering businesses a free technical training day to allow companies to accelerate their Internet of Things (IoT) development. The training day will include VT’s global partners, SIGFOX, EBV Elektronik, Atmel and OnSemi, global players in the technology space.

The training day will take place on July 5th at the Red Cow Hotel Dublin and registration is required by email ([email protected]). The training day will include tutorials and a free development kit to allow businesses to develop IoT business products for customers.

Speaking in advance of the training day, Will Ferguson, co-founder and COO of VT Networks, said Irish businesses need to position themselves to reap the benefits of the IoT opportunities. “Irish businesses need to align with new IoT technology. IoT ecosystems will lower operating costs, increase productivity, help companies expanding into new markets or developing new product offerings. VT’s IoT network will provide nationwide low-power and cost-effective connectivity revolutionising the way businesses and consumers interact with the world around them.”

VT Networks has developed a €10 million network with French firm SIGFOX and RTE’s communications networks and transmission operation company, 2RN. Founded by entrepreneurs Mark Bannon from Athlone and Will Ferguson from Co Clare, VT Networks has had very successful fundraising rounds with some of Ireland’s technology investors. RTE’s 2RN distributes and transmits all RTE tv and radio services, as well as other national, local and regional broadcasting, mobile and broadband. It is widely considered to be Ireland’s most reliable and extensive network, offering huge opportunities to VT Networks.

VT Networks has 95 per cent population and territory coverage of Ireland , which will enable objects, sensors and ‘things’ to be connected anywhere in the country.

IoT is expected to be a major technological development to change the way consumers and businesses interact with their devices. It is predicted that by 2020 34 billion devices will be connected to the Internet and nearly $6 trillion will be spent on IoT solutions with an estimated $13 trillion return on investment. It is expected that businesses will be the top adopter of IoT solutions followed by governments and consumers.

To mark this dedicated IoT network for Ireland, VT has been hosting demonstrations and events for businesses so Irish companies can keep on top of future trends in IoT and capitalise on the adaption of IoT technologies. The day-long training will examine and discuss the implications of a new IoT era for Irish businesses and how they may benefit from it.

Attendees will see IoT demonstrations and Ireland’s IoT network in action, as well as case studies on how the disruptive technology is being used.

The event is free but registration is required at [email protected].

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