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ekko Memory logging platform providing cloud based streaming services to organize, store & re-live moments of the past – Angel Co –

Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

Ekko is world’s first memory-logging application providing the best platform to stream, share and keep every moment alive. With ekko’s new groundbreaking app, members can connect to multiple streams at the same time and experience life through many different perspectives.


How are you different?

Ekko provides long lasting cloud streaming solutions to allow people store their life moments over many years and have instant access to upload, share and re-live those memories. Most other companies don’t have a strong purpose behind their technology with simplified solutions where Ekko provides both software and hardware support to users with efficiency and quality.

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Why will the company / product do well?

Ekko is a scalable lifestyle brand, something everyone can use on a daily basis. We are essentially a unique memory-bank and first of its kind to provide a free platform for people to experience life through multiple perspectives at click of a button. Our platform will open many windows of opportunity not only for web and tech market but all industries such as the arts, businesses, police force and beyond. We believe in the vision of our company which puts us ahead of our competitors because we are not just doing this for profit but we want to change the world for the better by literally connecting people together and allowing them to have a broader perspective on life.

Where are you based? How long will you stay there?

Our company is currently based out of Toronto, Canada. We are here for the time being and love the environment because Canada has a market that is diverse and allows us to test our products more effectively with a multicultural dynamic that can give us more accurate feedback on what works and why prior to our global launch.

When was the company launched?

We have been active for just over 3 months. Our founding team came up with the idea of Ekko in September 2015 and have been hard at work since.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

One of our biggest wins to date is being accepted into the ALPHA program for the Web Summit 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. We are excited and pleased to be part of such amazing network of professional and to have the opportunity to network with many investors and media outlet. We love Ireland and this is definitely a major Win so far.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

Our primary market include teens and adults who care to live an active lifestyle and share their life stories with others. Our platform is meant to be used by anyone who wishes to experience life in a new way. Have you heard of the saying: put yourself in someone else’s shoes? This is what we are accomplishing here.

Tell us about your team? 

Zavosh Zaboliyan (aka Zig) is our CEO. He is a serial entrepreneur and a visionary businessman. With over 10+ years experience in the field of Entertainment & Technology, he brings with him both knowledge and hands on experience with an unmatched eye for detail. Zavosh is known for his passionate style of management and unique marketing strategies. He is also friends with many celebs in the music and film industry. You can follow him on his personal instagram @iamzigzag

Mahdi Olfat is CTO of ekko with an extensive background in the field of Mechatronics Engineering. He is currently pursuing a M.A.Sc Degree in the RF MEMS, Microwaves, and Photonics group at the University of Waterloo. Mahdi Obtained extensive experience as an hardware / software embedded system designer in various silicon valley and waterloo companies. His most recent design is an integrated array of CMOS-MEMS atomic force microscope that obtain unprecedented performance and bandwidth.

Tania Koulakian serves as CCO and she is responsible for the company’s global communication function. She has been an encouraging leader in her field bringing with her experience in both the corporate and academic research world. prior to joining ekko, she was Director of Communications at Fe Health & Fitness and Fitness Magazine. Ms. Koulakian was named Alumni Roll of Honour at York University and holds a BA Degree in Communications Studies. On her off time, she is also a talented jewellery designer and fitness instructor. Check her work out on instagram @tkrea

What are you long term plans for your product / company? 

We have many exciting long term plans. One of them is to be the leading platform incorporated in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality systems. Imagine a world where you can walk around and see what memories people have experienced in the past in any given place. We want our kids and the next generations to have access to historical events and be able to re-live them whether using holographic technology or a simple stream we know we are close to making that a reality today and forever change history.

What are your favourite tech gadgets? 

Google Glass, Drones, Leap Motion

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you? 

We would love to incorporate our platform with Google Glass and other AR glasses. It would be amazing to have everyone use ekko to share every amazing experience with multiple perspectives.

How can people contact you?

[email protected] is our primary email and we try our best to respond quickly to all emails.

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