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Great interview with Judy van Niekerk Our Revolutionary NEW APP that 3D scans your body so you can FINALLY have The Perfect Fit Bra CUSTOM made and delivered to YOU!

Digital Bra, 1 min pitch?

Using the camera on a smartphone or tablet the Digital Bra app will scan a woman’s body uploading 120+ measurements, captured in the form of a silhouette on our servers (for privacy). These measurements are used to adjust the pattern of the bra she selects – using a series of algorithms to create a pattern that is 100% the perfect fit for the woman.
The bras are then custom made currently manually but shortly with robotic technology for scaleability. We are first to market with this technology.

More than 85% of women can not find a bra that fits or is comfortable, leading to them selecting the least uncomfortable bra to wear each day which leads to scientifically and medically proven medical and postural problems – some serious.

The major cause of this is incorrect measurements as traditional bras are based on only three measurements. A second cause is inconsistent sizing due to style differences. A third issue is attempting to fit a non-standard bust in a standard (within brands) sizing system.

Soon (as in 3-4 years), every smart phone will have this technology in them… So now is the time to build the business taking advantage of this hardware becoming ubiquitous, in perpetration for the market shift.

re-engineer SMALLER

Why are you coming to Web summit and Surf Summit

First to connect with investors who can help take us to the next level of this project as we are also working with companies in the US on developing Robotic technology which will make this project enormously scale-able and massively affordable to women globally whilst still securing a great ROI.

Secondly to meet incredible innovators and explore where we can collaborate to make this an even more successful project and also to meet with entrepreneurs who have made massive success from their innovation so we can learn best practice.

Whilst I have been an entrepreneur for so many years now – this is my first foray into exponential technology and making a viable venture out of it.

The Surf Summit was an opportunity not to be missed –  It appeals to all my values… I love having fun and I love being in the water..and in the mountains so mixing that with business – to me that is heaven – my motto is ‘a fun filled life is a fulfilled life’ and this event certainly speaks to that!

What do you hope to get out of it and who would you like to meet?

I would love to come away with tons of contacts with like minded people who are consciously thinking all the time about how they can solve challenges or problems in society using exponential technology – pushing the boundaries of technology and who are disrupters that will create a considerable change in our cosseted for the better.

Also investors who see the potential in projects like ours – I mean it is not just lingerie we can use this technology for our next phase are costumes and bikinis – I am horrified when I hear about women not going to the beach because they can not find a costume that fits or they feel good in –  that’s criminal in my opinion – my goodness the beach is the most incredible place on earth for me – I couldn’t imagine my life without it 🙂 any beach – warm water cold water, sandy or stony.Print

Life work online offline how do you balance it all?

mmmm society is changing and more and more of our life is online and it saddens me when people are afraid of that and are distraught when they talk about their kids always using technology and losing social skills – but society is changing – we can’t turn back the evolution of technology it will always go forward we just need to make the change in our heads and adopt. But for me it has made my life more fun- as so I can do so much online – meetings – shopping – development – business – staffing – everything it has made business cheaper to do (it would easily have cost me a few million bucks to get this far in our project a number of years ago – not today though – it’s fraction of that!) so that means that the free time I have is spent doing fun things.. with more money… like sailing, diving, being in the sea, hiking or even drinking and partying..

Anything you’d like to add / we should have asked?

We are living in incredibly exciting  and changing times on so many levels  not only in technology but in our awareness and consciousness. We know more today about the world and various cultures, on the whole we are growing more tolerant and compassionate and becoming more aware of challenges and problems and taking action to deal with it. I mean from my own example, sexual abuse was a massive taboo as I was growing up which allowed such behaviour to carry on – but now largely as a result of social media and the online world as a society we are standing up to all forms of abuse and tackling them head on and changing it and more and more issues are no longer taboo and we are becoming more aware. On a lighter note what I have learned about animal behaviour just from watching videos of peoples pets on facebook that pop up on my timeline has been so amazing and I love that 🙂

What are the pros and cons of London?

I live and work possibly in the the absolute best spot in London City, on the River Thames right next to Tower Bridge  – walking distance to the City and all its vibrant business energy and a little longer walk to the West End for oodles of entertainment – I love it! but.. there are 2 things I am not so hot about first is… the river is not a sea – I can’t just jump into it for a swim – and secondly… business in London is still pretty old school… it’s not traditionally a hub for high tech or disruptive start-ups, so that would be a con for me – I would love to surround myself with that energy all day – i suppose thats one of the reasons for going to  the Web Summit to fully immerse myself in that energy as well as the surf summit – staying in it for as long as I can 🙂

Your contact details?

Website –
LinkedIn –
Twitter  — @TheDigitalBra
e-mail –  [email protected]

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