Based in Dublin, Topmail are a secure email provider start up who just launched back in October. We spoke with Michelle from Topmail to find out more about this new company.

Can you explain to our readers what services Topmail offer?

Topmail is a dedicated secure email service that uses ‘best practice’ industry proven technologies to protect its customers. Topmail is the world’s first and only secure email provider to be created and supported by an international security expert, Emmet O’Rafferty, chairman of the Top Security Group with offices in Ireland, UK, Canada and South Africa.

Topmail uses built-in bespoke anti-virus software created to protect user emails from potentially harmful viruses that could damage their device. Topmail scans and rejects those emails before they reach the customers inbox. The anti-spam software built into the Topmail service confirms and verifies the safety of the sender in addition to scanning the attached contents.

With other major email providers now embedding targeted ad placements into your personal e-mails, it is becoming clear that the email privacy is no longer a consideration. Topmail does not track user’s data, does not use or sell customer information, and provides an advertisement and clutter-free environment. The volume of spam on existing email services can be very frustrating and at times embarrassing when individual email handles are used by spammers to send out unsolicited emails.

Topmail is used by professionals and organisations who demand high levels of security for commercially or personally sensitive communications. Topmail’s aim is to restore confidence in private email communications, almost as if you had written a letter and delivered it yourself.

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When did you launch? launched in October 2015, and it was a natural evolution from over 36 years’ experience in offline and online security. In today’s world of constant connectivity, we strive to protect our personal and financial details from identity fraud, but it has become all too evident just how susceptible our emails can be to hacking and phishing, with the Sony hacking scandal the most high profile case to date.

Can you tell me about the team behind Topmail?

Topmail is the brainchild of international security expert Emmet O’ Rafferty. Topmail is an offshoot of an organisation with over 36 years’ experience in physical and cloud security, which is now bringing that expertise to this environment. Emmet has brought together some of the best expertise from the industry to spearhead the fight against threats to global email communications.

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What technologies and methods do you use to keep people’s email secure and spam free?

There are a number of product layers that Topmail uses to protect customer data. The predominant product is a bespoke industry proven and established anti-virus and anti-spam system with transparent layer technology, reverse DNS lookup, and robust policy application at group level that stops viruses and spam before they reach a customer’s inbox. Topmail also provides an encryption engine for sending emails and attachments securely.

The higher than industry standard technology is a data encryption and decryption computer program providing cryptographic privacy and authentication for increased email security. Using open PGP standard as a basis for the service, when you send an email from Topmail to another Topmail user, we encrypt the contents of the email and deliver it to that user’s Inbox. When that member later opens the email it will automatically be decrypted.

When you send an email from Topmail to someone using another email provider, you can choose to encrypt the contents of the email by typing a secret question and answer. The recipient must be able to answer that question in order to decrypt and read the email.

Who are your target market?

Our primary target markets are individuals and organisations for whom the data security and privacy is a major issue, and who want an advertisement and clutter-free email experience. Many of the major email providers use your data to some degree and with varying severity. They read and digest emails and pass on that data to various preparatory technologies. Although most are unaware that this is happening, it explains why you can find yourself suddenly bombarded with advertising and content. Topmail saves you time by being intelligent in its capabilities to make sure you get the emails you need and making spam recognisable for what it is, spam.


Where are you based and how many employees have you now?

Topmail is based in Dublin and currently employs a team of 10 people in that location

Why will your product do well?

With the recent rise in electronic security breaches, people are questioning the safety of their own, their families and their business information. Topmail is the only email provider with a background and heritage in security and protection.

How much does the service cost?

Topmail is available from just €1.99 per month

Have you plans to launch other services?

We are focusing on Topmail for the moment but we are also developing a pipeline of add-on services and will be making announcements in due course.

What’s the best way for people to get in touch and find out more?

Go to or email [email protected]. You can also find us on Twitter here.

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