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What is the Startup League?

The Startup League is a league of elite startups that are not only the change-makers of tomorrow but also forward-thinkers who are now well on their way to success. Every startup in the league enjoys perks such as (not limited to) the ones below:

25% cash-back on their Startup Ticket Fee at events such as Techcrunch Disrupt, Websummit, The Next Web, Launch and many more.

Special access to premium domain names

PR and Marketing Support

Branded Schwag and a lot more!


Sounds great, who’s behind it all?

The Startup League is an initiative of Radix, a new TLD registry for domain extensions like .TECH, .ONLINE, .SPACE and .STORE to name a few. The right and relevant name to a startup (and product) is the first step towards effective marketing.

The naming and positioning of a company defines its future, and having a smart and innovative domain extension that speaks multitudes for a company and its business.

New domain extensions like the ones listed above, give a startup a way out of the quagmire that ensues settling for a mediocre name on a meaningless extension. These extensions give a brand the opportunity to stick with the product name that defines it, and a memorable extension that will resonate with its customers, thus helping it overcome the problem of naming and positioning.

The Startup League has been created to support startups on our distinctive domain names in their endeavours to stand out amongst the competition, by providing essential marketing aid.

Who can apply to the Startup League?

Any startup having an active official website on one of the below domain extensions is eligible to apply to the Startup League (see details on how to apply here).
Applicable Domain Extensions:
The list of early adopters of the programme includes the likes of – a feedback tool for restaurants and other service industry businesses, – an exclusive network of some of the best dev teams in the world, and – a recruitment product built by developers for developers.

Other startups on board include,,,,,,, and,
The League has also forged strategic tie-ups with a few ‘partners’ that would help leverage the program to their respective members. This includes incubators like The Founders Institute, WHub, and co-working spaces such as The Collective1212 based out of Canada and Dots Space from California, to name a few.
To apply, all one needs to do is visit and sign up through the website.

Why should someone apply to the Startup League?

Participating in leading tech conferences to showcase one’s brand and product isn’t an inexpensive affair. It clearly calls for an investment of over $2000 just for a startup pod/booth which (let’s face it) is a hefty amount for a founder of a new or fledgling startup.
A key benefit of being part of the Startup League is that a good part of the startup’s event expense is taken care of. The startup can now enjoy the same exposure at a fraction of the original investment.

With cash back, branding support, PR support and lot more, a startup founder can only stand to make most of this program.

Startups like,,,,,,,,,,,, and have already signed up and are making use of the initiative.

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