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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

Sky and Space Global will deploy nano-satellites constellation in orbit to provide affordable, global, narrow-band communication services to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

How are you different?

Sky and Space Global is the first company to utilize nano-satellites in a constellation format in the communication domain. It is building a proprietary network management software platform that will enable the constellation to manage, monitor, and control itself in an automated fashion, which is a capability yet to be realized by a for-profit business model utilizing small-satellites in the communication domain. An inter-satellite connectivity-based constellation system focusing on the equatorial belt is an industry first and Sky and Space Global is doing it. The business is aiming to support existing and incoming telecom operators and service providers as they deliver affordable narrow-band services to remote locations that do not have access to reliable and affordable connectivity services. The company is also engaging fellow space industry participants in the small satellite industry and is well on its way in establishing its core principle of affordable connectivity being a basic human right.


Why will the company / product do well?

There are almost 4 billion people living without mobile coverage, hence, a huge demand for connectivity services in remote locations. Mobile market is a crucial player in enabling companies to reach new customers and offer new services. The mobile industry is also a significant source of employment and job creation.

For the full potential of mobile to be realized, populations need access to mobile networks, and to affordable devices and services. Nano-satellites offer a great alternative to traditional satellite communications, which are very costly, and have the potential to provide affordable connectivity to anyone, anywhere, anytime in the world. The ability to provide mobile coverage in remote locations is vital for building a healthy information infrastructure in developing countries where poor connectivity is a barrier to education, business growth and economic prosperity.

Where are you based?

As a global company, Sky and Space Global has centers in United Kingdom, Australia, Israel and Poland.

 When was the company launched?

Incorporated on November 2015.

 What have been your biggest wins to date?

  • Sky and Space Global has been awarded the 2016 Global Narrow- Band Nano-Satellite Connectivity Services Technology Innovation Award by prestige Frost & Sullivan.
  • Two successful IPO’s
  • First customers signed
  • Virgin Galactic contract
  • People’s NewSpace Company 2016

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

Sky and Space Global’s services will be supporting telecom operators and service providers to expand their existing networks and deliver low-cost narrow-band connectivity services to locations yet to realize reliable connectivity for basic voice and text services. In this way, Sky and Space Global will be supporting the existing communication layers while also establishing a value chain of its own moving forward.

Our business model is a B2B wholesale. Our existing customers are :

  • Aviation real-time blackbox
  • Telco companies
  • Asset tracking
  • Animal tracking
  • M2M and IoT services
  • Finance sector

Our potential customers are :

  • Corporates secured data transfers
  • Marine/shipping lines
  • Governmental secure platforms
  • End-users sat phones 

Tell us about your team?

Our Team is composed of aerospace, satellite and software industry experts which their unique sector knowledge and long experience have enable Sky and Space Global to develop a company with highly potential to execute its vision and mission to bring Affordable communication to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

CEO Meir Moalem

A jet fighter pilot, Lt. Col (Res.) of the IAF, has over 20 years of experience in management, R&D and operation of state-of-the-art projects in Space Systems and UAS. Meir is a Founder of Sky and Space Global and its CEO and Managing Director. Meir served as the head of Space Systems Branch in the Israeli Air Force, led the MEDIEX experiment on Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-107) as the project manager for Israel first astronaut flight and led Israel’s satellite projects including Ofeq and Techsar. During his many years of service, Meir worked with high level national security contacts, planning for strategic security requirements, projects initiation, development and design management, policy making, total responsibility for planning, while managing multi-million project budgets. Meir holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Ben Gurion University, M.A. in national security from Tel Aviv University and is in final stage of his PhD. Meir was awarded the Israel National Security Award in 2009.

CTO Meidad Pariente

With more than 20 years of satellite and aerospace industry experience, Meidad is a founder of Sky and Space Global and its Chief Technical Officer. Meidad started as AMOS-1 satellite operator, later was the Deputy Mission Manager of AMOS-2, Chief systems engineer of AMOS-3 successfully launched in 2008, and special engineering advisor for AMOS-5, launched in 2011. Meidad was the chief systems engineer and led a team of Israeli engineers and scientists designing the VENUS project, an Israeli-French hyperspectral satellite. Meidad is a leading nanosatellite expert, having led projects in Israel, Europe and the USA.  In 2014 Meidad and Maya led the “Duchifat-1” project, the first Israeli nanosatellite which was launched successfully in June 2014 as part of a tertiary project.  The Nano-satellite is still fully operational. Meidad holds a B.Sc in Physics from Tel Aviv University and a M.E. in Systems Engineering from the Technion Aerospace faculty.

COO Maya Glickman

With more than 14 years of hands-on experience, Maya Glickman is Sky and Space Global’s satellite mission analyst, orbit designer, and satellite operating expert. Maya was a Senior Satellite Engineer of communications satellites with Israel Aerospace Industries. Maya was part of the AMOS-3 development team, LEOP and IOT missions as well as the AMOS-1 “hand-over” to Intelsat and led the end-of-life mission team. Maya designed and optimized several large scale constellations for earth observation and communication use, and was involved in the assembly, integration and testing of “Duchifat-1”, the first Israeli nanosatellite. Maya has a B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering and M.E in System Engineering, both from the Technion Aerospace faculty, and is also a graduate of the 2003 ISU summer session program in Adelaide, Australia.

What are you long term plans for your product / company?

Our 2020 (and beyond) vision, is to make a better world for billions of people off the communication grid, by providing Affordable voice, instant messaging and data transfer for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

 What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

“Beam me up, Scotty”

How do people get in touch with you?

Website –

Facebook Page –

LinkedIn page –

Twitter –

Email – [email protected]

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