Secret Fashion Fixes is a company that was set up by Dee Fitzgerald in 2012 with the aim of offering people easy access to a range of products which up to that point had been unavailable in the Irish market.
Based in County Clare, Dee runs the fashion dilemma solving company with her husband Tom. We caught up with Dee to find out how things are going.

Q1 Hi Dee. Can you tell me some more about what products Secret Fashion Fixes offers?

The first of its kind in Ireland, is an online One-Stop-Shop selling a range of Innovative & Quirky Problem Solving Fashion Emergency Products and Accessories for ladies.

Our website features a vast selection Fashion Fixes which are specifically designed to solve fashion dilemmas that ladies can experience in their everyday lives. Be it slipping bra straps, jeans too tight or too loose, belt buckle bulge, gapping shirt, deodorant marks on tops, we have a fashion fix or style solution to solve it. Our products will help ladies look their best, feel more comfortable in their clothes and prevent that fashion mishap or wardrobe malfunction.

Our online shop provides shoppers with one location where they can browse and purchase Shoe, Bra and Clothing Accessories along with Bridal and Maternity accessories and we also have a Gifts section full of unique and original gift ideas.

Many of the products featured on our website are invented or created by mums, husbands & wives, young entrepreneurs, small companies, an array of different people. For example the Pouchee hand-bag organiser was invented by a 60 year old lady after receiving a gift of a gorgeous handbag from her nephew which had no pockets, so she came up with the idea of the Pouchee, a portable hand-bag organiser. Each one of our products has it owns story and that in itself gave us inspiration and motivation!

We also now have three Irish companies products on our website which I’m thrilled about and am always looking to add more!

Q2 When did you launch? online shop was first launched in October 2012 so we are just a year and half old. Since the launch we’ve had a phenomenal response to our Fashion Fixes. The feedback we have got from our customers has been amazing. I get emails every day from customers telling me how much they love our product and how useful they have been in solving their particular fashion dilemma.

Q3 What the motivation for starting the company?

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a love of fashion and adore finding quirky fashion accessories!  I went to college in UCD and got a Commerce degree in Marketing and during my student days I used always think up little quirky cost-saving ideas to fix any fashion dilemma I had!  However over the years like lots of other ladies, I still experienced my fair share of fashion dilemmas and wardrobe malfunctions, so my interest in finding quirky fashion fixes and problem-solving fashion solutions stayed with me. I did quite a bit of travelling, during which time I used come across various fashion emergency products and accessories which I’d add to my collection. I found many products I never even knew existed, let alone knew you could buy. As time passed I started to do more and more research into these fashion fixes, purchase them and try them out. I had always thought it would be great if there was a dedicated one-stop-shop shop for this type of product range. I knew many ladies didn’t know these amazing products existed and secondly even if they did, it was impossible to know where to buy them. So really that’s how the idea for Secret Fashion Fixes online shop came about.

Q4 Can you tell me a bit more about who’s involved with the company?

Secret Fashion Fixes was initially set up by me and my sister-in-law Wendy in 2012 while both of us were on maternity leave, but since then my husband Tom and I have taken it over 100% and now run it ourselves.

Q5 Researching and then sourcing your products I’m sure took a great deal of work. Was that the most difficult part of setting up the business or have you faced other hurdles?

Researching, sourcing and personally trying out each and every one of our products was and is definitely very time consuming but to be honest it’s also very enjoyable and exciting. Every day is like Christmas in my house as I’m always waiting for that next new product sample to come through the door! At present I have loads more products I’m waiting to add to the website.

I think the hardest part for me about setting up the new business was making that initial decision to take the risk and set up an online business in the height of the recession! It involved delving into our savings which we had put away for a rainy day!  But once that decision was made and I decided to go ahead it’s just been a rollercoaster ride ever since! I’ve got huge support from my husband, family and friends. We’ve also got lots of support from our Local Enterprise Board here in County Clare and a lot of Business Start-Up advice from our local bank.

Q6 How has business being going for you since you launched?

Secret Fashion Fixes has been going really well for us, we have had a phenomenal response to our products & accessories from customers & the fashion Industry alike since we launched. It’s our unique, quirky and innovative products that our customers love. The majority of ladies all over the world be it young or old, experience a variety of fashion dilemmas through-out their daily lives, now they don’t have to. We’ve done all the hard work for our customers, so they can just scroll through our website, knowing that whatever fashion fix or style solution product they need, we’ve  got it covered!

We’ve have lots of plans in the pipeline for Secret Fashion Fixes, we will continue to grow and expand our product ranges with lots of new and exciting products being introduced every month. We’ve seen a big increase in our UK and Overseas sales in the last while and plan to continue to grow and expand in these markets, so the future for Secret Fashion Fixes looks very bright!

Q7 What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you?

If anyone would like to contact me directly, they can email me at [email protected] or call me on 086 3190774


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