Pedro Honório da Silva is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of eSports digital marketing company, Qwatti. He has been connected to Gaming for over 20 years in different areas and created his own Game Development Studio in 2007, where he worked as Game Designer and Game Producer for several Social Games published worldwide.

In 2014, he began working on what he describes as “the next big evolutionary step of eSports – Sports Franchises joining this exciting world.”

He’s been implementing eSports projects mainly in European Soccer Clubs ever since, where he focuses on connecting the Sports Franchise brands with a younger generation of fans, through different Fan Engagement strategies, Content Generation and Marketing Activations for these brands and their sponsors, while keeping focus on player management and performance.

Describe the company: Qwatti is a Digital Marketing company focused on providing specialized services and support to the global community of Sports Clubs and National Governing Bodies, helping converge the two worlds of Competitive Gaming (Esports) and Sports. We create the ultimate fan engagement experience, using Gaming events, tournaments, competitions and assets to generate amazing unique activations for our customers and partner’s brands.

How are you different? Qwatti specializes in bringing the world of Esports and Sports together, working with some of the top European Football Clubs, like Schalke 04, Celtic FC, Brondby IF, Legia Warsaw, etc. to create engaging marketing activations connected to Gaming and LifeStyle Experiences, aiming to reach Digital Natives (Millennials and Generation Z).

Why will you do well? We have over a decade of experience with Esports and Gaming in general, and we also understand the needs and challenges that Sports Clubs face when trying to enter the Esports world. Therefore we created a solid and trusting network of partners and contacts that allow us to be recognized as worldwide experts in our market segment.

Where are you based? Dublin, Ireland. And we also have an office in Lisbon, Portugal and another one in Barcelona, Spain, which we just recently opened.

When was the company launched? In September 2016, but this project started early 2015.

What have been your biggest wins to date? We’ve had several key moments since 2016. We were the first agency to work with Sporting CP, in Portugal when they joined Esports, they were the 5th Football Club in the world to do so. We were then responsible to organize the first ever EA Sports FIFA Tournament between players signed to Football Clubs, in November 2016, in Warsaw, where it became one of the biggest FIFA Tournaments ever, with over 1 million views on livestream and a reach of over 180 million people globally. More recently, we were the first company to ever organize a FIFA Pro Clubs offline event (11v11) in Europe, the first official competition for the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP).

Who are you trying to attract to your product? We would like to strengthen our existing partner network and provide more Marketing Activations for Brands in Ireland and the UK, always on the fan engagement, lifestyle experience, gaming side of things. We’re looking for commercial brands who would like to partner with us in such events.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business? If we have learned one thing during this journey is to study your market well and persevere. With hard work and market knowledge, things will happen!

Tell us about your team? We have a great team, very diverse and with a huge amount of expertise in Gaming, Marketing, Sales and Customer Relations. Our team is spread around Europe, with teammates in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and Denmark.

What are your plans for the future? We plan to continue to expand into new countries, with special focus in the UK and Ireland. Especially in Ireland, where we feel that the Gaming and Esports market is very greenfield at the moment. We believe that we can help grow these markets in Ireland and also in the UK.

What are your favourite tech gadgets? Most our team is just crazy about iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. We’re also very interested in wearable technology and AR/VR!

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you? In our line of business, we believe AR/VR will play a key role in the future, so we’re hoping to do more in that area.

Anything else you’d like to add/we should have asked? Oh we could talk about Gaming for hours, but I think we pretty much covered it for now.

How do people get in touch with you? Our website is, but you can also find us on our social media networks:

Facebook –
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