Why will you do well with the ICO?

Qurrex are a crypto exchange integrating industrial infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with a decentralized network. We see that now, during the period of recession and stagnation, a lot of projects have been launched in the market, including those that have nothing to do with the crypto industry, sales channels are overheated and rarely give the necessary conversion, there is a capital outflow from ICO due to another round of growth of bitcoin and altcoins, and the situation is exacerbated by frequent scam projects.

Our strategy lies in an honest and not an exaggerated appeal to the community, we do not make allegations that we will change the future of the whole world, we knowledgeably state that we can create a new generation trading infrastructure that will solve and improve the lives of current users, and most importantly it will meet the needs of future customers – institutional players, and its launch will put a spin to the whole industry. We regard that changes should take place simultaneously with the entrance of professionals.

We have written the fundamental Whitepaper, we almost completed a demo version, and we are completing the development of a high-performance matching module, whose public load will be tested in mid-January. We have a balanced and attractive token economy.

According to the simulation scenario, the figured value of the future discounts per 1 issued token ranges from 3.3 to 13.6 USD in the first year of the project implementation and from 11.8 to 222 USD for 5 years

The Qurrex token with which we are approaching ICO has four main roles. The model is designed in such a way that the users of the exchange platform will have a constant need for using tokens. They include:

• an individual discount for fee-paying commission fees accrued for organizing trades;
Such function of the Qurrex token will be highly sought after by the clients of the leading active trades, professional participants, algo-HFT traders, brokers, banks, funds, market-makers, and clients interested in passive income.

• an instrument for paying for services and fees with other currencies;
The token will be used for paying the exchange platforms’ fees.
At the same time, the nominal value of $ 1 USD will grow, until after 36 months of launching the platform it does not reach the value of $ 5 USD. That is, with one token, it would be possible to pay five times the amount of services of the exchange.

• a quoted exchange commodity, crypto token.
The function of exchange commodities with the ability of margin trading will generate speculative demand for the Qurrex token, and the ability to instantly convert it to highly liquid currencies will create demand for the tokens as a cryptocurrency for a wide range of consumers.
• ? payment unit for the rights to create Confirmation nodes
The Qurrex DEX’s network protocol will allow Confirmation nodes to charge commission
in transaction assets

When was the company launched?

A strong team of professionals launched Qurrex project in November 2016, and we are preparing to demonstrate MVP and start the ICO in January of 2018. We intend to launch trading on the full CEX module in the second half of 2018, and deploy the DEX infrastructure in 2019.

There are quite a few tasks that we are confronting now, but the main one is to create and launch the project that would meet future challenges, that would be highly demanded, convenient and certainly commercially successful. We want to make our contribution to the crypto industry and give it the new generation infrastructure.

What are your biggest wins to date?

Today it is impossible to single out the greatest victory, we can recognize several major accomplishments. Thus, the team of our developers has been able to launch the trading terminal in the test mode, they are checking the terminal now and adjusting it considering the feedback from the market.

We generally believe that feedback from the community in the form of positive / constructive criticism is one of our main tasks at the development stage. Therefore, I would like to avail myself of this opportunity and ?all on to everyone to visit the demo version of our terminal and leave a comment in the chat.

On the other hand, we have done a serious job and in a very short time we have been able to raise $ 1 million USD during our pre-ICO.

We were also delighted that that the investors are not just interested, they fully support us. They see that the product will solve the global market challenges, they understand how we are going to solve this situation.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

This is not a simple question as it seems at first glance. Our ?ore team is comprised of professionals from fintech industry, we have been making very complex commercial systems of an industrial scale all our life, we have been working in this area for many years, we clearly understand the industry standards, development vectors and, of course, the needs of so-called institutional players (brokers, banks, funds, liquidity providers). We realize that the trading -exchange infrastructure of the crypto industry is not ready for the arrival of a large number of institutional investors, and there are very few such players in the crypto industry.

We are building such a significant future-proof stock market, for an institutional investor, who has not yet appeared. This is our advantage and problem at the same time, because we understand the pain of the future client, but he is used to working with classical investment procedures from angels and venture capitalists to funds and corporations. With the classical scheme of attracting investment, the whole process is stretched for years, it is broken into certain rounds, and it involves a gradual natural evolution of the product, team and company. And here we come and declare that we know how to integrate the best industrial practices and technology of trading systems with blockchain technology, and we can reach new horizons for all financial enterprises (including the crypto and real sector) but we need to raise $ 17 million USD.

Believe it is not, this sum is not huge. To create and launch something like NASDAQ and NYSE, may require up to hundreds of millions of US dollars. Classical investors want confirmed sales, ready-made MVPs, conclusions of renowned (and expensive) consultants, weighty market research reports, all that we do not have now.

We are very aware of these challenges, and we have decided to turn to the crypto community and attract money according to ICO rules. Our message is very simple: everyone in the community knows about the problems of existing platforms, many of them face with them every day, some people have suffered financial losses. All in the community want to see the prosperity and development of the crypto industry by leaps and bounds, and realize that it is possible only with the arrival of large institutional players. We are one of the few who know how to solve the existing problems and meet the needs of future institutional participants, and we say that only with the appearance of institutional investors will cryptonomics become truly global.

Therefore, we are trying to attract all incentivized and interested members of the community to our product.

Institutional investors and large brokers are our main target audience. Those players in the financial market who would like to become participants in crypto-currency operations, but do not yet have found reliable and secure instruments for entry into this market. Today, crypto trading more resembles a computer game or eSports with its virtual worlds and dozens of lives. At the same time, we believe in the future of the crypto currencies and want the market to grow up. To this end, we give players from the world of big finance the opportunity to enter the game.

Tell us about your team – advisors, partners, cofounders?

Our team consists of about 30 professionals from different areas. The division helmed by Konstantin Sviridenko has experience in creating and managing high-performance exchanges and trading systems, Andrey Sitev is a seasoned professional in trade terminals for retail and forex brokers, Matthijs Lek and Baikalov have brought their expertise and practice in broker and invest banking, private funds, and Karina is an expert in corporate development of stock exchanges and classic brokers.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

Watches, phones, wireless headphones, remote control systems

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