Setup towards the end of 2013, Platinum Promotions are a new event management company who have already completed 40 events to date. Taking an innovative approach to management, the team are already building a returning client base which includes companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Irish Distillers.

We caught up with Platinum Promotions’ director, Robert Gibbons, to find out how things were going.

Q1 Hi Robert. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Can you tell me a bit more about Platinum Promotions and what services you offer?

Thanks John. Platinum Promotions is Ireland’s newest established event management and brand activation company. We are bringing a fresh, dynamic and vibrant approach to consumer engagement through the recruitment of great people and innovative ideas. Our services include product launches, venue promotions, event management, experiential campaigns, corporate events, sponsorship activations and catering events.

Q2 What would you say makes Platinum stand out from other promotion companies?

We believe that the biggest asset at our disposal is the people that we have working for us. We spend a lot of time ensuring that we recruit the most talented, professional and enthusiastic staff. All of our new recruits undertake a ‘Platinum’ induction joining the team and we thoroughly brief all of our staff before every event. By setting the standards high within our team we find that it shines through at the customer interface, creating successful campaigns and events for our clients.

We also believe in price transparency. We aim to be competitive and present our costs clearly in advance of every event – including fixed hourly rates, all inclusive event management fees and projected event expenses up front, with no add-ons.

Our clients love the youthfulness and efficiency that is attached with our company. We create vibrant energy within our teams and carry this into our events and campaigns. Ben and I work hard to deliver a professional and personal service. We are present at every event, providing hands-on management at the coalface of the event and ensuring that our clients expectations are exceeded. This allows us to monitor our own performance and to react quickly to any issues that arise.

Q3 Tell me some more about the company. When was it set up and who’s involved?

Platinum Promotions was established in September 2013. The company was co-founded by Ben Mulligan and myself. Ben had worked in event promotions for a number of years and I had just returned from the UK. With our skills and experiences we thought event promotions was something we could excel at and we decided to sit down and create something new.

We pitched the idea and an outline business plan to my brother John and his business partners. The guys have several years experience working with start-ups and we were delighted when they agreed to help us out. As a result, John Gibbons and Michael O’Dwyer joined the management team. Both of the guys have been a great support and bring valuable commercial and project management experience to our company.

We recently moved into an office in the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin and we are really pleased to be working in such a supportive environment. Although we are still in the early stages of our development we feel we have achieved a lot in just six months. Our first event was the high profile Jameson Cult Film Club event on September 17th/18th and since then we have successfully completed over 40 events nationwide.

Q4 How many staff have you working for you now?

On the management team, it remains Ben, Michael and myself where we are all responsible for the day to day running of the company including business development and client relationship management. In the service industry repeat business is a massive marker to demonstrate the quality of your work and so far we have been delighted with this aspect.

In terms of promotional staff, we hand pick our team for every event. Being young and heavily involved with our staff allows us to do this. It’s not just a case of throwing anybody that’s free on to an event. There is strong diversity within the Platinum team and this allows for a tailored service. Everything is personal at Platinum. We believe that if you look after your people, they will look after you.

Q5 Do you just cover Dublin or is it a nationwide service?

Right from the beginning we felt that it was important to expand nationwide as quickly as possible. Through past experience, we believed that it would be much more efficient and cost effective to establish Platinum teams around the country. In our early days we put a lot of work into recruiting and developing our nationwide presence and we currently have Platinum teams based in Cork, Galway, Belfast and Dublin which provides us a link to the whole country. This nationwide presence was a great benefit to us on our recent nationwide campaigns with Absolut Vodka, Tommy Hilfiger and Reckitt Benckiser.

Q6 I’ve taken a look through some of the recent events you’ve done. Even with your company being relatively new you seem to be quite busy. How have things being going for you and what has been your experience of starting a company in a recession?

I think it is clear through our growing list of major clients that our approach has been successful. We are really pleased with how the company has developed over the past few months. Our clients have been a huge support from the outset, recognising that we are a new company setting out on our journey and providing us with opportunities to shine. Like I mentioned before, right from the beginning we got involved in a big campaign and naturally this helped kick start our business. It is these events that everybody likes to be involved in and it gives you that incentive to push yourself harder. Everyone involved in Platinum Promotions, right down to the staff that we hire, enjoys their work. It rubs off on others when you walk into the office and people have a smile on their face and that’s the way we want it to be. This feeds our passion to grow and to become better and we are constantly on the lookout for areas to improve on and ideas to explore.

Coming from a professional sports background, where I represented Ireland up to U21 level and Nottingham Forest and Scunthorpe United,  I enjoy a challenge and understand the commitment and dedication that is needed for success so I naturally apply these key characteristics into Platinum Promotions. There is no doubt the recession has been tough on this country but it also allows for great opportunities for those people that are brave enough to look past the doom and gloom and willing to take a step off the same path that everyone else is following. Since starting out we have found that there has been some green shoots of activity in the sector over the past number of months and we are working hard to support prospective clients with their events and promotions.

Q7 What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Our website is and my own email address is: [email protected] 
We are also present on Twitter and Facebook and you will find further contact details on the Contact page.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase get in contact with me on [email protected]


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