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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

Olytico – formerly known as O’Leary Analytics – is Ireland’s leading social media monitoring and analysis company. We listen to social media and online news media, very carefully, to hear what’s being said online about our clients, their products and services, their competitors and their industry. Olytico provides real-time information on how our clients’ actions and reactions are being received by audiences online. Our insights help our clients to: make more informed business and content decisions; provide superior customer relations; and benchmark their performance against their competitors and across social networks.

How are you different?

We offer a SAAS solution but for Olytico this stands for Software AND a Service, a combination which helps differentiate our business in a competitive environment where a lot of international players focus primarily on software solutions with limited service support. As an Irish company, we also have a unique experience of the domestic market and over the years have built up both significant in-house knowledge as well as a clear understanding of what sites Irish consumers use to share opinions online.

Why will the company / product do well?

Olytico is an ambitious B2B company. We want to make online social listening easier. One of our core values is that “We believe in Constant Beta”. This mindset means we place a heavy focus on innovation for our products and personal development within our team. By listening carefully to the jobs our clients must do and by bringing our core values to life, we can respond to their needs and tailor our product roadmap to exceed their expectations. To date this approach has helped Olytico outperform our competitive set.

Where are you based?

Olytico HQ is based at 34 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2 which is a convenient location for a lot of our Dublin based clients. Our client portfolio includes customers throughout Ireland, the UK, and US. We often travel to meet with our clients face to face.

When was the company launched?


What have been your biggest wins to date?

For any emerging SME, trying to achieve your first paying customers can be a major hurdle. At Olytico, we were lucky in that we knew that we had customers willing to pay us before we launched. We continue to listen very closely to our clients’ feedback to ensure we understand their needs and respond accordingly. Since our launch, we have grown significantly and our clients now include some of Ireland’s leading brands and organisations including the HSE, Safefood, Liberty Insurance, Northern Ireland Water, Dublin City Council, the Audi Dublin International Film Festival, Electric Ireland and the ESB. While winning new clients is very important, our ability to retain and build strong ongoing relationships with our client base is equally important.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

Social Media Monitoring is a broad topic and has relevance to almost every industry or sector that you can think of – this is reflected in the range of clients that we work with, from utility providers to FMCG brands, insurance companies to government agencies. Within these organisations, our software and consultancy services tend to bring most value to customer care, marketing and sales teams.

Tell us about your team?

Our success to date has been based on building a team of people as powerful as the software behind them. We are focused on creating a culture that attracts and rewards the best analysts and developers. One of the key characteristics of our team is we are all natural storytellers; very often we analyse significant volumes of data, identify key insights and share these with our clients in a way that is both digestible and actionable. We are a team of ambitious and talented individuals who are focused on delivering on Olytico’s vision.

What are your long-term plans for your product / company?

The area of social media monitoring and analysis is rapidly changing – with new platforms, networks and technologies constantly emerging. At Olytico, our focus has always started with capturing the most comprehensive data available, and that continues to set us out from the competition. Historically, we have licensed and partnered with some of the leading data providers to deliver our service and power our own proprietary software solutions. However, as our experience grows, we have identified gaps that we are well positioned to fill and we are heavily focused on building solutions for the increasing needs of our clients. Our long-term vision is to continue the development of Olytico’s product range, with a strong focus on machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition and automation.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

We’re big fans of Kickstarter and other crowd-funding sites, which is often where the latest tech gadgets for the office are sourced. It’s no longer new technology, but the Invisible Bike Helmet remains something that’s used every day. The Leap Motion Controller was another Kickstarter backed project that we’ve had a lot of fun with, while bot-based apps are constantly being shared within the office – Lark is top of our list at the moment.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

To celebrate the 7th birthday of Olytico, we are offering one lucky reader of Irish Tech News a chance to win a month’s free trial of the Olytico Dashboard. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is send your name, contact details and the name of the brand /company that you would like to track to [email protected] and a lucky winner will be selected by the end of December.

How do people get in touch with you?

We are always listening so if people want to get in touch through social media (@olytico), email ([email protected]), our website ( or by phone ( +353 1 9055880), we will get back in touch as soon as possible.

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