MyDealDoc are an ambitious young Irish company who plan on releasing a suite of Apps all aimed at saving you money. Set up in February 2013 by Mike Morrissey and David Keenaghan, the first of those Apps, “BoozeDoc”, is available to download now.
We spoke with David to find out more about the company, the Apps and their future plans.

Q1 Hi David. Can you tell me about MyDealDoc and what it is you do?

At MyDealDoc we provide a platform for consumers and retailers to engage with one another through the consumer’s smartphone. We are developing  a family of mobile applications that allow the user to see what special offers are available in their local store. We believe we operate in a relatively unique space in that we are not a price comparison website nor are we a deal based website, we’re all about promoting special offers and showing the consumer where to go to buy the products they want. Each geo-location aware App is tailored to carefully selected product categories and all Apps will carry the Doc brandname. Right now we’re looking to target the alcohol product and baby product categories but we intend on expanding into other categories in the medium term.

Q2 When was the company launched?

The idea for the company actually began 3 years ago but the concept began to be developed in February 2013. It was at this point we incorporated Deal-Doc Technology Ltd trading as MyDealDoc. Since then we’ve been working hard at developing the business model and building up our knowledge of both the App industry and the Irish Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Our first App the BoozeDoc wasn’t actually launched until 1 year later on 4 February 2014. Looking back on that year it really shows just how much time and effort is involved with actually taking an idea and turning it into a functioning company. The 12 months that went into the preparation for the launch has really stood to us since.

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Q3 Can you tell me some more about yourself and business partner Mike?

The company was founded by Mike Morrissey (26) and myself David Keenaghan (27) in April 2013. Mike is from Tipperary and studied Business in UL. I’m from Dublin and studied Business in Trinity College. Both of us are chartered accountants having completed a training contract together with KPMG. Both Mike and I share a number of the same interests and we both bring different character traits to the table which is one of the reasons the partnership has worked so well to date. Being involved in a startup means you constantly have to rely on those around you, through both good times and the more challenging moments of the journey. Having a good friendship and working relationship with one another has really helped us to drive this project forward.

It’s also worth noting the team we have around us. We’ve had great support from Stephen (investor), Robert (CTO) and Garret (Operations Manager) over the past 6 months. All of our team have strong experience in the Tech industry and because of this we’ve really been able to focus on developing the business concept to the very highest standard possible.

Q4 You recently  launched your first App BoozeDoc. Can you explain what the App does for our readers?

Our first App the BoozeDoc allows the user to see what alcohol special offers are available in their local store, stores such as Tesco, Dunnes Stores, etc. Our App is geolocation aware which essentially localises the special offers to the user’s current location and provides them with a map function to show where the closest stores are. We’ve kept the App as simple as possible to appeal to persons of all levels of technical ability.

When the user opens our App on their phone it obtains the latest special offer information from our server as well as the locations the offers are available around Ireland. We provide the user with accurate data in real time. It’s this live feed of information that gives us such an advantage over traditional forms of media, we can keep our prices up to date as the retailers change them. The App provides the user with 3 different search functions;

  • Doc’s Top Choice – To use this location aware search function the user selects their alcohol category and desired quantity. The BoozeDoc then searches our database and presents the user with the Top 2 deals per store. We rank these stores in relation to the users current location. The closest store appears at the top of the list, and so on. The user can then select a product they like and will be brought to a Map showing the closest participating store location.
  • Booze by Type – Here we provide the user with a more complete list of special offers available in each retailer. Again the user selects the alcohol category and quantity they desire and the BoozeDoc returns all available special offer information right to the palm of their hand. Select a product they like and the user will be brought to a Map showing the closest participating store location.
  • Store Locator – In this search function the user is brought to a map in which all stores around their current location appears. The user can then select an individual store and see exactly what deals are on offer in that store!

Essentially the technology provides users with special offer information that is tailored to their current location.

Q5 How much does the App cost and what platforms is it available on?

The App is absolutely free of charge and is available on iPhone and Android. We have plans to launch on Windows and iPad in the near future too.

Q6 You mentioned BoozeDoc is the first of a family of similar Apps to come. Can you tell me some more about the other Apps you have in the pipeline?

Absolutely. We believe we operate in a relatively unique space in that we are not a price comparison website nor are we a deal based website, we’re all about promoting special offers and showing the consumer where to go to buy the products they want. Each geo-location aware App is tailored to carefully selected product categories and all Apps will carry the Doc brandname.

Over the last 12 months we’ve performed research and sought feedback from both consumers and retailers to identify other product categories MyDealDoc can expand into. Right now we have the BoozeDoc launched in Ireland. By the end of the summer we’d like to have the BabyDoc also launched. As you can probably guess, the BabyDoc allows the user to see what baby products are on special offer in their local store. We believe the BabyDoc really has the potential to save consumers a lot of money on their weekly purchases. We’re also looking at branching out into electronics and sporting goods.

Our expansion plans aren’t just limited to new Docs. We also have plans to enter the UK market in the short to medium term. We believe there is significant appetite for our products in the UK and our experience from the Irish market will help us to move into the UK and territories further afield.

Q7 You mentioned there is a new version of BoozeDoc about to be released. What new features can users expect in this update?

We’ve actually just submitted the new version of the BoozeDoc to Apple for approval so we’re hoping to have this live within the next 7 working days. The new version is something we’ve been planning even before the launch of version 1. We’ve spent the last 3 months confirming our research by talking to our users and retailers and making sure what they want is reflected in this new version. The most significant changes the user will notice are we have introduced a much improved wine section and a new craft beer section.

For wine drinkers the user will now have the ability to search for wines by nation or by grape variety. We’re also going to provide wine tasting notes meaning the user will be able to find out more details about the wine they’re drinking, anything from the region it was made to the food it complements best. With this additional information the user will be able to see what wine special offers are currently available, where they can get it and find out a bit more about what they’re going to buy.

By popular demand we’ve also introduced a craft beer section. Here we’ll show the user what craft beers are on special offer in their local store. Not only that we’ll also provide them with tasting notes on the beer which will include information such as where it was brewed and what the beer actually tastes like.

Q8 What are your short and long term plans for the company?

We’re at a very dynamic stage of our business life cycle and even in the space of a few weeks we’re achieving goals and moving onto the next. Over the past couple of months we’ve really focused on the user experience and right now we’re currently in the process of overhauling our backend infrastructure. The current deal upload process in place has served us well up until this point but with the ever-growing popularity of the App we’re looking to develop the backend to streamline our processes and expand our business model.

Over the past couple of months our CTO Robert has been overseeing the implementation of a fully integrated system that allows instant upload of deal information as well as the administration of multiple Docs in multiple geographic territories. We’ve been looking to lay the right foundations for our future expansion. Crucially Robert is also working on creating a secure environment whereby retailers will have the option of logging in and uploading their own deals to our Application. Each retailer will have access to their own secure account on the server with layered authorisation levels to allow edits to individual stores or complete branches with multiple stores depending on their assigned user rights as well as adding, editing and deleting special offer information.

On the expansion side of things we’re planning a big PR push over the next couple of months. With this new version of the BoozeDoc we believe the appeal of the App has broadened significantly given we already have 20,000 downloads to date. Right now the focus will be to move the BoozeDoc on from its infancy into the next stage of the product’s life cycle.

We’re a company with big ambitions and in the medium term we’re aiming to have at least 2 Apps on the Irish market by the end of 2014. We’re also aiming to enter the UK with our first App the BoozeDoc within 3 months. In 2015 we expect to increase the number of Apps we will offers as well as expand into new geographical territories.

Long term the hope is to set up an international HQ from Dublin and grow our operations at home and abroad. We believe the BabyDoc App in particular has global potential.We’d love to get to the stage where people would advise one another to “Doc It”, hopefully we can get to that level of popularity.

Q9 What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you?  

We’re always looking for feedback on our App, both the good and the bad. Only by getting feedback can we continue to perfect our product and deliver something that best serves the need of our consumers. We have a “Contact Us” function on both our website and integrated into our App. Alternatively you can also get us at [email protected]

You can download BoozeDoc for Android here and for iOS on this link


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