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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

Everyone knows that they have a carbon footprint that is impacting on climate change. But they have little understanding of how each of their everyday actions contributes to it and how affordable it would be to offset that impact.  LivingOffset is about to change all that.

Working with Orbas Consulting from University College Dublin, we can fractionalize the carbon impact of each and every action, such as buying a cup of coffee, a deli sandwich or driving to work.  We can give people the opportunity to then offset this action against a LivingOffset greenhouse gas reduction project.

To make it as accessible as possible, our app can work in two ways.  Firstly, there’s the LivingOffset mobile app. It’s free to download and easy to use. The app will allow users to log each of their actions and to offset the carbon created by these activities with a small  contribution to an approved carbon-reduction project. When we say small, we really do mean small. For example, the suggested offsetting cost when you purchase a take away coffee is just 5c.

Secondly, when shopping online, and you get to the checkout page, you may notice a LivingOffset button. The idea of this is to prompt you to offset the carbon cost right there at the point of purchase, and to facilitate you doing so.

How are you different?

The LivingOffset team has built a unique ecosystem into a platform that can manage the billions of tiny transactions that are required to fuel the bottom-up fight to save the planet.

It is uniquely positioned to manage all aspects of carbon that is offset in exchange for human activity, including the synchronisation of wallet functionality, updating participants’ balances, recording of transactions onto the distributed ledger providing the essential infrastructure and information for this socially responsible new economy.

Moreover, this system is built on an ethereum based blockchain, so that all transactions are completely transparent to the consumer.

Why will you do well?

The ability to offset their carbon footprint is the call to action that so many people have been waiting for. It will rapidly become a global movement, galvanising millions of similarly concerned people to affect real change and to reduce the rate of global warming. It will be welcomed by all who feel disempowered by passive government and the suppression of a renewable energy agenda.

LivingOffset is tapping into the demand that is already there, the people who want to make a difference and until now have not been able to do so.

Where are you based?

LivingOffset is based in Dublin, Ireland.

We have just signed a lease to move to bigger offices in the Digital Hub on the 1st April 2018.

When was the company launched?

The company was founded in 2016.   Over the past 18 months we have developed the MVP which is already built. However, we need to invest in the IT infrastructure to allow for a global roll out and to develop the marketing messaging that will allow us to launch worldwide gaining first mover advantage in all key markets. Therefore the LivingOffset app is scheduled to launch to the public in the summer of 2018.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

  • The joining of the founders’ team brought together a huge amount of experience in technical, project management and finance.
  • When Orbas Consulting (University College Dublin) agreed to partner with us, it solved the issue of accurate lifestyle analytics.
  • Ultimately, the successful build and testing of the MVP.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

LivingOffset is for the ordinary people who want to ‘do their bit’ to fight climate change. At the moment they feel utterly disempowered, and unable to measure and see the efforts that governments are making.

For most of us it is impossible to make a real contribution without a significant investment in terms of money or time.

There is no doubt demand for our offering is there, and like Airbnb, we can provide the means and the mechanism for easy participation. In just a few minutes. We know that there are concerned climate citizens across the globe, PEW Research Centre have released statistic in August 2017 that proves climate change is now perceived by over 60% of people worldwide as a major threat to the world.  However, until now there was no accessible or affordable solution for people to adapt and that could help them make a real and meaningful difference.

Until Now.

Tell us about your team?

Chris O’Shea | Chief Executive Officer

Chris joins the board as Chief Executive Officer. He is currently a director of Arranmore Financial Services, Ireland’s agent company for KBL Limited, London, a full-service wholesale financial markets firm. Arranmore Finan­cial Services trades with bank treasuries and investment firms around the world. Along with fellow-board member, Kevin Gahan, Chris successful­ly managed the setup of IFSB, a very profitable wholesale financial ser­vices company. Over his 30-year performance-driven career, Chris has also worked with Kyte Broking, Cantor Fitzgerald, NCB and Caradas. He brings considerable entrepreneurial skills to the team.

David Boles | Chief Process Officer

David was introduced to carbon markets while studying for a Graduate Diploma in Green Technologies at UCD. Later he established his own niche business, supplying intel services and trading capabilities to EUETS (Euro­pean Union Emission Trading Schemes) participants, and worked with en­ergy companies, including clean energy start-ups. ESDLife is David’s brain­child. In his earlier life, David studied Civil Engineering at UCD and worked in project management roles on major infrastructural projects, such as roads, multisensory buildings and Dublin’s light rail system (Luas).

Léonie Khan | Chief Marketing Officer

Léonie graduated from UCD with a Degree in Commerce, and an MBS in Marketing from UCD’s Graduate Business School. She began her market­ing career client side, with international brands such as Vodafone and bmi british, before moving to the advertising agency BBDO Dublin, where she spent 10 years, rising through the ranks to become an award-winning Se­nior Account Director. Currently Léonie is working as a senior marketing consultant, a proven strategist and project manager, she has a deep under­standing of what it takes to build brands and audiences from the ground up.

Ian McKeown | Chief Financial Officer

As the board’s Chief Financial Officer, Ian brings over 28 years of commer­cial, corporate finance and management experience to the role. Since 2001 Ian has been self-employed, trading as McKeown & Associates. Previously he worked with Mazars Chartered Accountants, specialising in corporate finance, mergers, acquisitions and disposals. Ian has also spent five years as a financial controller in industry and five in public practice. Ian is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Ian is the author of the LivingOffset tokenomics.

Paul Cryan | Chief Information Officer

Paul is one of co-founders of LivingOffset and with Ian McKeown is co-de­signer of the LivingOffset ‘ICO tokenomics’. He has been working in IT for over 30 years, specialising in technology for banking and finance. He has held senior Corporate Finance IT roles in Ireland, the Netherlands and the USA, and has led large IT teams at General Electric, AIB and RaboBank Group (De Lage Landen). Paul also has significant experience in IT start-ups. He has a BSc in Computer Science/Maths from University College Dublin (1987) and completed the Leadership Development Programme at the Centre for Creative Learning in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels.

Kevin Gahan | Chief Operations Officer

Kevin Gahan joins the Board as Chief Operations Officer, bringing with him over 30 years of experience from NCB and Cantor Fitzgerald and seven years as director /owner of an independent international financial services company. Kevin is a Registered Stockbroker CPD Member of the Irish Stock Exchange and a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, with a degree in Natural Sciences. He is currently an owner director of AFS Ltd, which acts as a tied agent for Kyte Broking Ltd, London.

Andreos Klering | Chief Technology Officer

Andreos Klering is one of the co-founders of LivingOffset and joins the board as Chief Technology Officer. Andreos has over 10 years experience in the software industry – from development roles to management – and has run a successful IT consultancy, specialising in the financial services indus­try. An expert on cloud-oriented development and agile software devel­opment, Andreos is also working with a variety of tech start-ups, helping them bring their ideas to life.

Ian McColl | Chief Creative Officer

As Chief Creative Officer, Ian brings over 30 years of creative communi­cation experience to the role. Since 2012 Ian has managed a successful creative co-operative, producing distinctive and memorable brand com­munication work for Bank of Ireland, Smyths Toys, and many other brands. Previously he managed creative departments in agencies such as Ogilvy and BBDO Dublin working closely with clients and cultivating long-lasting relationships based on the consistent delivery of highly effective creative work.

What are your plans for the future?

The immediate future – The LivingOffset ICO (Initial offering of Tokens to investors)

The issuing of LivingOffset (LOFF) Tokens will allow the team to take this exciting proposition to the waiting global audience. Early investors get the opportunity to benefit from discounted rates, as well as return-on-investment coupons paid annually (calculation based on sales revenues, see section 5.1 for details).   A fixed number of Tokens are available over two sales periods – Pre Sale and Main Sale.

1st – 15th March Pre Sale with 40% Discount

22nd March – 12th April Main Sale   – 20% Discount for the first 25M Tokens

The ICO is required to spread the message to our audience of similarly concerned people worldwide. The ICO process, token creation and distribution will be managed by our ICO partner Chainstarter.

The medium term future –  POST ICO

  • Over the following three months we will continue to develop our life cycle analytics database.
  • Develop and build the blockchain solution that will manage over 200 transactions per second
  • Build our GHG reduction project and carbon inventory.
  • Development of our launch marketing campaign.
  • Product and marketing launch globally in 8 key regions, Ireland, UK, USA, Japan, Europe, South Korea, Nordics and China.

How do people get in touch with you?

Join our Telegram group:

Follow us on twitter: @LivingOffset

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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