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Describe the company, Lighthouse Learning

In today’s hyper competitive world, investing in people gives organisations the edge. Lighthouse Learning brings technology & training to the table to create customised Digital Learning Solutions, making learning more memorable & driving performance & profits. Our unique approach is encapsulated by the simple idea … Smarter People. Smarter Business.

What makes you different?

We have deep experience in designing & developing multi-faceted digital learning solutions for global multi-nationals based in Ireland. With backgrounds in Manufacturing, Learning & Development and Technology, we’re very well positioned to provide an integrated solution for Senior Managers seeking to link training investment to bottom line results. Our proprietary LMS Learning Management System called RockSolid has also been designed & purpose built to manage for the robust demands of large national or multi-national organisations.

Why will the company do well?

The corporate learning landscape is changing as smart organisations move from silos to networks. We are approaching a time in the next 5 years where nearly all learning within companies will be Digital. The convergence of Technology, Training & Talent is creating a seismic shift as companies realise the value and importance of storing & sharing training in an online Knowledge Pool that’s accessible anywhere, anytime from any kind of device.

With the transition from conventional classroom to the cloud, we believe Lighthouse Learning is well positioned to deliver on-demand learning to different stakeholders including staff, suppliers, partners and retailers across multiple locations.

What trends are you seeing in Digital Learning?

Many Irish companies still see e-learning as ‘Death by Powerpoint’. However, the arrival of the Cloud, High-end Animation and Mobile Technology is shaking things up by creating on-the-go content that’s compelling and keeps people engaged and learning like never before.

Digital Learning is more of more of a ‘way of learning’ instead of a ‘type of learning.’ With the emergence of new tools & technologies, learning is no longer ‘ad hoc’ but rather ‘real time’ and people can ‘plug-in’ at any time and from any location.

Virtual & Augmented Reality technology is enabling us to create truly immersive experiences….taking young doctors into the heart of the human body to implant a medical device or naval recruits into challenging real time situations to enhance learning & improve performance under pressure.

Where are you based?

Lighthouse Learning is an Irish company with offices in Dublin & Cork. With an international client base we also work with a growing number of associates and partners in different countries.

When was the company launched?

Lighthouse Learning started life in 2010. Since then the business has expanded to France and we’ve suceeded in attracting a number of new multi-national clients on board.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

We started our business as the recession hit in Ireland. The first 18 months was a massive learning curve. Surviving this and then securing major blue chip clients was a huge confidence boost and has helped us to grow and scale up the business.

Our new banners – they look great – designed by #changeagentsbranding

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 What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

Most importantly we’re looking for clients who value their people and are willing to invest in Digital Learning. The 4 main sectors we specialise in are Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Medical Devices and Education. We see ourselves as strategic partners …working closely with clients to audit their existing learning approach and then advising them on international best practice when it comes to Digital Learning.

Tell us about your team?

The one thing our team shares is a passion for learning and how to apply technology to make it more memorable. We have a core commercial & technology team based in Ireland as well as a broader team that helps with animation, video, content creation and translations into different languages.

What are your long term plans for your company?

The Global Learning & Development industry is a $300 billion marketplace. With so many multi-nationals based in Ireland with operations in the EU, we think there is a significant opportunity to bring a unique Irish slant to Digital Learning.

We want to export our teaching and communication skill set to other countries and build up a local Creative Hub of animators,  writers and coders to create inspiring and imaginative learning content to help companies communicate their message to staff and other stakeholders using cutting-edge technology tools.

As well as providing bespoke digital learning solutions, we want to create suites of packaged learning courses to meet the needs of various industries. We also want to create innovative mobile apps and tools to enhance the on demand learning experience. Ours is a dynamic industry and we’re excited about how technology is transforming the work place as well as the way we work.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

To be honest at Lighthouse Learning I think we’re all gadget geeks! My personal favourite gadgets are my Smart Watch and Augmented reality apps.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

Because we’re a part learning & part technology company one of the perks of the job is to get to try out & test almost every type of new technology to see how this can enhance learning for our clients.

Why should people invest in digital learning?

Research indicates businesses can save at least 50% when they replace traditional instructor based training with Digital Learning.

Besides cutting costs, Digital Learning also facilitates faster knowledge transfer and most staff prefer the personalised aspect it provides.  Digital learning solutions offer a range of products that not only suit budgets but put people at the centre of learning. Solutions are now mobile, on-demand and will work across devices, operating systems and browsers.

Just like we use apps like Uber to organise a ride, organisations need to create employee centric learning that’s intuitive, engaging and easy to access.

The introduction of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and micro learning is making these solutions more immersive and accessible and can allow the learner to choose how learning works best for them

We’re passionate about improving how organisations learn and helping to empower people to reach their full potential is incredibly rewarding.

How do people get in touch with you?

We’d be delighted to talk to companies who want to learn about how to use Digital Learning to improve profits and performance. People can call our offices in
Dublin +353 1 611 1579 or Cork +353 21 483 4560 to talk to our C.E.O Derek O’ Herlihy or contact him directly on [email protected] website

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking ;

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