LetsHost.ie are an Irish hosting provider who power over 50,000 websites around the country. In business over 10 years, they are one of the largest hosts in the country and currently register approximately 20% of all .IE domains.

We sat down with Daragh MacLoughlin from LetsHost.ie to find out more about the company, the services they offer and the journey so far.

When was the company launched?

LetsHost entered the Irish Market in 2005 after spotting an opportunity to shake things up amongst the existing hosting companies.

Where are you based and how many employees do you have?

We have 2 main offices. Dublin city centre & Galway. We have staff split between two offices with 16 LetsHost bods in total. We are also hiring right now!

Can you give me a brief overview of the different services you offer?

We offer the “bread and butter” hosting and domain registration services that the majority of customers will want in Ireland. Shared hosting for the SME all the way along to more complex private clouds and clustered deployments for more resource intensive applications. Working with agencies and developers is becoming a key part of our business and we are always looking to match solutions to our customer’s needs regardless of the industry.

What hosting packages would be most suitable for start-ups or small businesses looking to sell their products online?

Given that your hosting package in this instance is key to your success (bad hosting = no sales) we always recommend customers up the ante and opt for one of our SSD business hosting plans or indeed a virtual server. Virtual servers are extremely efficient as they allow customers to scale the resources as they need to. For start-ups, being able to control costs but have the option to scale is really important.


At the other end of the scale if my business, a design agency for example, required much greater processing power, disk space or bandwidth what packages do LetsHost offer to cater for this?

Design agencies need to focus on what they do best – design! So when we’re offering solutions to designers, we try and give them a fully managed package. This will typically involve a relatively well specified VPS or even a dedicated server. We have great value on dedicated hardware with high capacity SSD storage and bandwidth. We’ve never not been able to match a customer’s requirement with a well-priced solution. The number of servers we’re running with 96GB RAM for extra processing power has never been greater.

How many websites do Letshost.ie manage?

We host over 50,000 websites between our Irish and International customer base.

Every day there seems to be a new hosting company entering the market. Why should people choose LetsHost over one of these?

The Irish hosting market is relatively closed but indeed new international players are emerging all the time. Our customer base is extremely loyal to us because we are local and approachable. We offer products which are relevant and well-priced. Support is so important and in comparison to a lot of these new hosts, we offer full tech support over the phone. For users who aren’t as technically minded, this is invaluable.

Customer support is hugely important to business owners, especially when something goes wrong with their website. How do LetsHost approach this?

We understand that if something happens with a customer’s site, we need to be available to discuss it. We extended our staff hours to cover the Irish night time and this proves very popular with customers. We are also available on Twitter / Facebook / email / live chat and telephone. Customers cannot be left stranded with tech issues and we strive to make ourselves available to assist them as best as possible.

What’s next for LetsHost?

We have some new products in the pipeline which should deliver great value to our SME customers and we’re continuing to develop services to appeal to the design and development community. We’re also looking to expand our customer base in the US and Australia and service these territories from our Irish office, around the clock.

What’s the best way for people to get in touch and find out more?

Give us a call (01 653 5032)! Shout out to us on Facebook, Twitter or our new Instagram account or pop us an email via our website. We’d be happy to hear from you!

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