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The Elevator Pitch

JigZen is an atmospheric jigsaw app which aims to bring some calm to a high speed world, you can download it here.

Comprising over 500 carefully selected puzzles, it includes a dedicated JigZen Kids area with an educational element.

It uses a four drawer system for the storage and linking of related pieces to maximise all available workspace (which can otherwise be frustrating given some screen sizes).

How is JigZen different?

It’s an altogether quieter and calmer affair when compared to other offerings.

Smart methods of sorting related pieces into drawers makes even the larger puzzles very doable within relatively short periods of time.

With an annual subscription of €14.99 providing access to all categories, including JigZen Kids, we’re also substantially better value and purposely so – people have enough expense in life these days.

Why will the product do well?

Jigsaw has been around since the mid-1700s when John Spilsbury dissected a wooden map to teach geography to kids. There’s a reason for that longevity and something innately satisfying, for many, in conquering pretty much any puzzle.

It seems like the world is increasingly full of incredibly busy people trying to squash too much into not enough free time.

We want people to afford themselves some space to relax for a bit.

Our beta testers loved the app (with some now hovering dangerously close to all out addiction!). The fact that, even after extensive development and testing phases, we still look forward to playing is – we believe – a testament to JigZen’s appeal.

What are the next plans for the product?

We’re interested in investigating a role for the app in neuro-related areas such as autism and Alzheimer’s and look forward to engaging with experts to discuss whether JigZen (or a variation of it) could be useful.

Where are you based?



On 21 September 2017 for iOS devices.

What type of people are you trying to attract to your product?

Anyone who can benefit from some proper down time so…everyone really!

People who are busy at work, busy with kids, busy with other dependants – doesn’t matter what causes the busy, it needs to be balanced in other ways.

Also commuters – I spoke to a customer the other day who talked about the joy of getting the DART after a day’s work with something new and fun to do that wasn’t scrolling through newsfeeds of seemingly endless bad news these days. So yeah – if we could bring some zen to the DART, the Underground, the Metro etc. – that’d be pretty great!

We’d also love to see kids choose JigZen over television – at least some of the time! Undoubtedly the most satisfying aspect of beta testing was getting to see that happen.

Founder – Fiona Cullen

I came to JigZen via training as a lawyer and working as an In-House Counsel. The potential benefits of jigsaw became clear at a time when I was juggling some of the more challenging aspects of a busy life.

The motivation for creating JigZen was wishing that available offerings were otherwise – less gaudy, more polished, smarter – which led me to search for Irish based developers to help see that vision through to launch.

Developers – Irrelevant Fish

Irrelevant Fish have been developing top quality mobile games and apps since the release of their first critically acclaimed iOS game, Primal Flame, in 2014.

JigZen’s Vision

Quiet the Noise.

How do people get in touch with you?

Mail  [email protected]




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