Based in Cork, but operating nationwide, iElectron offer repair and serving of a wide range of electronic equipment. Having repaired over 25,000 devices since they launched, they’re also one of the busiest repair centres in the country.
We spoke with Dave Greene from iElectron to find out more about the company, the services they offer and to discuss their future plans.

Hi Dave. Can you explain what services offer?

We repair and service a wide range of electronic devices. We work on phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, game consoles, and audio equipment. We use specialised engineers for the various different technologies such as camera engineers and phone engineers for example.

When was the company launched?

The company was launched with a lot of hope and ambition in 2010, 5 years ago this October. Despite it not being a type of business that a lot of people get excited about, it really is our passion.


Since you’ve opened you have repaired an incredible amount of devices. Can you tell us some more about the figures?

Of the 25,000+, 12,000 were done last year alone and we’re hoping to beat that this year. We did 1,100 last month, so we’re on track thus far. The repair rate is calculated based on what we were unable to fix. 94% is very good considering the water damaged, scorched, dropped from ladders or scaffolding and the odd rolled over device we get (more than you’d think!).

How many team members have you?

There are currently 9 of us here, but we’re employing another engineer this month to make 10.

Over the last few years many places have popped up offering repair services. What do you feel sets you apart from the competition?

In terms of a USP, we focus on professionalism and quality, which a lot of places don’t bother with. We think that each repaired device should give you the same impression you had when you first bought it. Based on this, we offer a 6 month warranty, and a repair speed that other companies can’t come near matching.


Is your business mainly B2C or do you offer B2B services also?

We offer both, but the bulk of business comes from B2C. B2B is something we’re looking to expand on in the coming years.

You offer a free nationwide pick up service. What’s the average turnaround time? For example, if the screen on my MacBook Air broke, how long would it take for you to get it back to me repaired?

If we’re talking about pick up and delivery, if you fill out the short form on our website, we can have the device collected from you that day and brought to us for the following morning. Using your example (MacBook screen), we can repair it in about 3 hours and have our courier collect it from us that day, and delivered back to you the following morning. 

Outside of that, we can perform most repairs within a few hours if needs be, phones would be quicker again.


What are the most common repairs you carry out?

Phone screens, a lot of iPhone repairs for charger ports, batteries, buttons and water damage, high-end camera repairs, laptop hard drives, software and motherboard repairs would be our most common.

What are your long term plans?

We want to restore the faith in repair companies that has been marred by low quality repair businesses. We want the customer to not have to be concerned that they will be stung by using a service like ours, and bring back old fashioned, great customer care.

What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you and avail of your services?

To make things as convenient as possible for customers, there are many ways for them to get in contact. They can email, phone (021 239 7669), use the website contact form, homing pigeons and of course call in to us!
We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ so people can check us out there too.

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