2014 has been a fantastic year for the Business Showcase section of our site. The level of interest shown by indigenous companies to be featured has been phenomenal and even exceeded our lofty expectations.

During the year we provided a platform for both established companies and Start Ups to introduce themselves to our ever growing readership & social media following, allowing them to showcase their products or services in a beneficial environment.

So strong has been the interest in being featured that it is has created quite a waiting list during the year. While this is fantastic for our site, we’ve recognised that this type of waiting list may not best serve Start Up companies who are often looking for instant exposure as they launch.

To address this, from January, we will move from one Business Showcase article per week on Wednesdays to two articles per week, publishing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Established companies will now go out on Tuesday with Start Up companies being featured on Thursdays.


Simon Cocking, Deputy Editor of Irish Tech News

To manage the extra workload, Simon Cocking will now look after Start Ups on the Thursday edition of the Business Showcase, while I will be the main point of contact for the more established companies in the Tuesday edition.

Since joining Irish Tech News, Simon has been a great addition to our team bringing with him an exemplary work ethic and an enthusiasm to create excellent content, covering a burgeoning sector of the Irish Tech scene.

In line with his extra duties and recognising his performance to date, I am delighted to announce that I have appointed Simon to the position of Deputy Editor of Irish Tech News.
Simon will take up his new position with immediate effect. Start Ups who would like to be featured in our Business Showcase section can now contact Simon here [email protected]

Please join me in wishing Simon every success in his new role, and as a team, we look forward to bringing you more fantastic Business Showcase features throughout 2015.

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