Answers by Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO at Epsilon

Describe the company – the elevator pitch

Epsilon is a global telecommunications service provider and leader in Cloud-centric networking. We instantly connect voice calls, Internet traffic, business applications and Cloud Computing services all around the world.  

Through a suite of innovative technologies and applications, we deliver a network utility that accelerates how mobile operators, fixed-line carriers, Internet service providers, data centre operators and managed service providers procure, manage and deploy connectivity solutions.

Over the last decade, we’ve brought innovation to global networking and to our customers spanning six continents.

How are you different?

In early 2017, we transformed the international telecoms market with the launch of our Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform.

Infiny is a self-service platform that allows service providers to procure and manage global connectivity. Just like how Spotify is changing the music industry, Infiny offers a new approach to connecting services around the world.

We believe our platform is a huge step forward in the industry. It provides a foundation for a new era of innovation and enables our partners to seamlessly deliver Cloud-centric services.  

Why will you do well?

We want our customers to have a foundation for growth that can help them achieve their business goals.

We’re dedicated to finding new ways to support the growth of carriers and service providers worldwide. Epsilon has invested in simplifying how its partners connect and deliver services around the world, using the Infiny platform.

Where are you based?

Epsilon is headquartered in Singapore with offices in London, Hong Kong, New York and Dubai.

When was the company launched?

Epsilon Telecommunications was founded in 2003 in London.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

We are bringing Cloud-centric networking to more customers in the US and giving them on-demand connectivity. In early 2017, we acquired Metcom Network Services, a provider of connectivity in New York, to expand our presence in the US. The acquisition has really kick-started our business in North America.  

Over the past few months, we’ve partnered with service providers in the US including Atlantech Online. Its deployed our Cloud Link Exchange (CloudLX) module to deliver on-demand Cloud connectivity in the Mid-Atlantic. We’ve made a long-term commitment to the US market and we see it as a natural fit for our business and our customers.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

We are delivering Cloud-centric networking that matches the needs of service providers, enterprises, Internet-based businesses, developers and end users.

Our customers want friction-free and simple access to Cloud connectivity. The Infiny platform delivers them on-demand connectivity that can be provisioned and managed from a smartphone. We are providing a new level of control and service for the whole value chain.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

My advice for people who are looking to build their business is to not be limited by traditional ways of doing business.

At Epsilon, our strategy involves finding out what our customers need to achieve their own business growth and finding the best ways to help them succeed. That’s what is important.

Tell us about your team?

We have more than 180 employees across 5 continents around the world, including Asia, the Middle East, North America, Africa and Europe. Our employees truly believe in our mission and work to achieve both their own set of personal goals as well as that of the business.  

What are your long-term plans?

We are excited to see our Infiny by Epsilon platform grow, and to see more service providers benefit from a limitless approach to Cloud-centric networking. There is no limit on what Infiny can do for delivering Cloud-centric networking, and we will continue to add new modules to help our partners have an efficient experience.

We’ll also continue to expand our footprint across the US and around the world.

How do people get in touch with you?

People can get in touch with us via our website,

We’re more than happy to answer any questions if they want to know more about Epsilon Telecommunications and our suite of services.

Prepared and edited by @EdinaZejnilovic, Journalism Student at DCU

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