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Describe the company the elevator pitch…

We are UK-based start-up founded by two entrepreneurs with a shared passion for sustainable and environmental focused construction. We wanted to create a marketplace to enable the reuse of the 120 million tonnes of surplus and leftover materials from the UK construction industry that currently go into landfill. The market value of the reusable material alone is £1.5billion, but more importantly, the environmental impact of the extracted and wasted raw materials simply isn’t sustainable.

We facilitate the re-use of materials through two channels:

Enviromate Marketplace: A free to use niche industry-specific P2P marketplace for local tradespeople, DIY enthusiasts & SMEs to list, search and trade leftover, reusable materials with one another.

Enviromate Donate: Larger developers and SMEs can donate surplus materials from projects to charities or community projects. These projects are listed on the Enviromate site, and larger developers can leverage these donations in their marketing, to support their own mission statements and make a positive impact with their CSR programmes.

We set up Enviromate with an ethical and environmentally focused mission, so it is rewarding to see the brand becoming the fastest growing construction re-use site in the UK. We have already been featured in The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Ellen MacArthur Foundation and have been shortlisted for various national awards for innovation and entrepreneurship, so it is great to see people are sharing our vision.

How are you different?

There are of course a number of huge horizontal, multi-product marketplaces out there, but we are a marketplace for a niche industry, targeting a specific vertical. As well as aiming to become construction’s largest marketplace, our mission is to provide a solution that really tackles the vast amounts of reusable surplus materials across all levels in the industry and the industry’s reliance on the planets natural resources globally, and the eco-focus behind everything we do makes us unique.

Why will the company do well?

As a team we share a passion to change ‘sustainability’ from simply being a buzzword to become something practical that tradespeople can do with real tangible results. We hope our users will buy into this eco-friendly ethos to strengthen the brand’s position globally, so we can make the business become a real force of good, collectively.

Where are you based?

We are based in the UK’s up and coming Silicon Valley… Folkestone

When was the company launched?

We launched the venture in February 2015

What have been your biggest wins to date?

In the short space of time since we launched, we have seen strong and consistent growth to already become a recognised brand in the industry. Perhaps the biggest win was having what we are trying to achieve recognised when we were shortlisted for the Observer Ethical Awards, Green Briton of the Year 2015 and included in national and international features in the Huffington Post and The Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

We set-up Enviromate focusing on the construction industry, but our target market has actually expanded as more sole traders and DIY enthusiasts are using the marketplace. Everybody from multi-national developers, construction professionals, weekend DIYers through to anybody with a garage or shed full of items they don’t need are free to use, buy and sell on the Enviromate marketplace. There is a growing segment of our users who make money from the materials they are storing but don’t need, and by using Enviromate they are also actively helping toward reducing waste in the industry.

Tell us about your team?

The team currently consists of the two co-founders of the company, Reiss Salustro-Pilson and Nigel Van Wassenhoven. We are lucky that we also work with some fantastic external organisations and they have become an extension of the team, sharing in the brand’s mission.

What are you long term plans for your company?

Our current plans are for the continued rollout of the brand in the UK and Ireland, to grow our user base and solidifying our brand’s identity as the go-to destination for construction materials. Whilst our primary focus is in the growth of our marketplace and some premium paid membership options, the development of Enviromate Donate will also continue to help community based projects both at home and abroad.

Longer-term, we plan to scale the brand globally. We plan to raise investment this year to achieve that goal, beginning with Europe and followed by America.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

We work long days and our business revolves around the internet, so it feels like 90% of our time is spent with our Macs and iPhones. The synchronisation, automation and flexibility of this technology gives us the ability to link up the team at all times, which is crucial. Aside from those key items, we do like to separate ourselves from technology on down times.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

Self-driving cars would enable us make better use of the time that is currently wasted travelling, while some good quality speech-to-text technology would also help reduce typing hours.

How can people contact you?


Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: @enviromateuk

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