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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

Elpis Investments is the first Artificial Intelligence driven Investment Fund to manage both Crypto Assets and Traditional Assets. We use the latest technologies in the field of AI such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning to increase performance for our customers while lowering costs and risks. In order to be fully transparent, we will implement the Blockchain Technology to publicly share our trading activities.

How are you different?

Our Value proposition is very clear, the market needs a massive revolution in the business model and in the approach to its customers. Trust, transparency, efficiency and Fairness are core pillars. Our model respects these values thanks to technology and User-Centered approach. The technology we use, allow us to keep costs down while increasing performance. Low biases and high accuracy, allow us to Manage the Risk of the market better than the industry standard. Moreover, we will work on performance only by abolishing fixed commissions.

Where are you based?

The company is based in London and the team is currently working from several places around Europe, waiting to gather all together in the next future.

When was the company launched?

The idea behind the project started 1 year ago, while the company launched officially on the 22nd June 2017 in our office in London.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Our biggest win to date is that, in just one year, we have been able to grow an extremely ambitious project with no starting capital and from Italy which is a country known for its delay in technology and low venture investments. Furthermore, we managed to secure bright talents, perform a formidable track-record, and we are reaching out to strong advisors that believe in the company.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Our strategy is to attract, initially, Institutional and Professional Investors by giving them low Risk and High Return investment strategies with no management fees. In the next future, by building a strong and sustainable company and thanks to our ICO, our goal is to attract retail investors by offering an investment platform delivering the power of AI to the market of Retail Investors and Non-Professional Investors.

What is your Investment Strategy?

To attract professional and Institutional Investors, we have developed 2 strategies based on the risk confidence of our clients. The main one is a long-only on US equities with 3 levels of risk, and more performing over time, capable to adapt and avoid even terrible market conditions like market crashes. The second one is on futures, more riskier but able to generate more returns over the medium term. The next strategies will be applied on crypto-currencies and FIAT exchange, right after the ICO, .

How are you using Blockchain?

We are going to leverage the blockchain technology to put publicly available every operation we make and every decision we take, so that we can build a more profitable and open relationship with our clients. This technology will increase the degree of confidence in assets information and thus will increase trust over the system and lower probability of attacks and cyber hacking. In a third phase, we will use blockchain to open our company for the community of developers and engineers around the world. Following the model paved by quantopian and we will give the opportunity to work for an hedge fund everywhere in the world, associating the profits generated by the models of our developers to the blockchain. With this innovation we will know exactly who built the performing model and how much the company gained thanks to it.

Tell us about your team?

Elpis team is made by a mix of expertise, youth, knowledge and audacity, and the common will to pursue constant innovation. The project was started by Anatoly Castella and Andrea De Francisci, both sharing a strong vision: bringing trading and investing out of their traditional, restricted circles, using the power of ideas and technology to shape a different financial landscape, more open, fair and efficient. The third member of the team is Luigi Piva. Luigi is a successful long-term trader, an international financial expert and pioneer in the field of algorithmic trading. Founder, CEO and Investment Manager of Quantlab Limited, Luigi is providing Elpis with his outstanding expertise and leadership, helping the project to grow and improve the Company. Other members that joined Elpis later on are: Giuseppe Solinas (Chief Editor), Andrea Boi (Design & UI) and three engineers in the fields of Data Science and Software.

What are your long term plans?

Investing is on the brink of a revolution, a technological revolution that can be shaped only with the fearless audacity of strong, innovative ideas and the right individuals. At Elpis we want to build a completely automatised Investment Fund that will be powered by a strong community of developers and data scientists around the world. Quantitative Trading is already proven much more effective than the traditional way and we believe that crowdsourcing is a step forward — a crucial key to differentiate and improve performance over the long run.

What is the difference between you and other investment fund?

Elpis has at its core transparency and fairness, we charge only on performance and using Artificial Intelligence to optimize profitability while maintaining an excellent risk management. We also look forward to diversify our portfolio in different markets such as cryptocurrencies to be also able to provide the tailored solutions to any of our customers. Moreover, thanks to the Blockchain technology we will be completely transparent by offering a public ledger of our buy/sell activities on the website.

Why are you planning an ICO?

When we at Elpis identified the ICO as a viable means to fund the project, we also had to define the characteristics and features of our own ICO. As an innovative startup, the ICO represents for us a unique opportunity to actively contribute, from the very funding stage, in the definition of a new investing landscape. We identified a Crypto Equity ICO as a way to bypass some of the main criticalities and issues emerged in the ICOs recent history.

What makes your Token different?

We have managed to create the first security alike token that has real value in terms of company equity, called Crypto-equity ICO. We considered the choice to issue a coin supported on the Ethereum blockchain as a fundamental opportunity to be truth to the innovative nature of our business. And, in this process, we found in CapchainX the perfect match to bring our vision to life, following the lines we established for our ICO. Elpis Token is a new kind of token backed by our own company equity.

What is a Crypto Equity ICO?

Crypto equity ICO is the first and newest legal framework that allows to create and sell a safer token during the ICO. Lately, there have been many scams in the ICO market, the advantage of a crypto equity ICO is that it backs tokens with a real and accountable value that could be exchanged in the future for real equity (depending on the amount bought, as in an IPO).

How do people get in touch with you?

Visit our website at or contact us at [email protected]

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