What is your ICO name?

DropDeck.io Crowdsale, and our presale ended: November 18

Registration for Crowdsale is ending soon: November 20
Register today! https://dropdeck.io/whitelist

What is the main goal of the company/product/solution?

DropDeck is shaping the most innovative solution for all inefficiencies in cross-border business funding, to become a one-stop stop for funding businesses worldwide.

How will this company impact an average person?

For an average funder with cryptocurrency, you can now fund innovative companies around the world with least risk and for highest reward. For an company who has no business with issuing a token, you can now raise from funders around the world without having to do an ICO. DropDeck is an innovation that support innovative companies around the world and foster innovation worldwide!

What are the top 3 pain points you solve?

Lack of comprehensive evaluating methods (evaluation).
Lack of secured means of funding (funding)
Lack of reliable mechanism to exit (exiting)

We solve them by reliable scoring of the companies to deploy resources in the right hands.
Fast, transparent and secured system of transferring funds to companies.
Incentivized ecosystem will encourage funders to repeat funding and attract more funders.

What differentiates you from the other companies?

We deeply understand the problems we are solving
– Our addressable market is huge ($300 billion) and our token supply is limited so the token value can increase exponentially
– We’re not just using AI and blockchain separately but complement AI training with blockchain features to create better results
– Our plan to complement AI with blockchain is recognized by IBM Watson AI XPRIZE
– We design the Presale and ICO to win the long term game (token price increases after getting listed)
– We have been working with exchanges to ensure our post-ICO token liquidity and value
– We have a team with expertise to make it happen

What is the roadmap for deployment from Pre-ICO to ICO to future?

Our roadmap and timeline for ICO is here

Are there any upfront security concerns? How will those be addressed?

Our CTO and security partner have deep security expertise.

What the legal ramifications that investors need to be aware of ?

We are doing KYC/AML as part of the white-listing process which is required for investors who want to enter pre-sale/crowd-sale. This is done in collaboration with Cynopsis.co – World’s Top 100 RegTech companies, also the same one that did KYC/AML for Kyber Network.

At the same time, we receive legal opinion from NTHLaw Taylor Wessing in Singpore that our token is not a security.

What are the major challenges that may arise?

For now it would be attracting enough investors for the ICO to ensure the capital for our long term development.

In your best estimation, who is the target audience for your product or solution?

We are targeting people with at least $30 (0.1 ETH) to invest, but not more than $300,000 (1000 ETH), to avoid market manipulation of the DDD token. At the moment the ICO is not opened for US citizens.

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