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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

DroneSAR are an Irish based start-up who have developed unique software that will revolutionise the worldwide Search & Rescue industry. It is an App that transforms basic commercially available drones into advanced Search and Rescue platforms. It allows users to choose an automatic aerial search pattern based on variables such as Altitude, Field of View, Battery Life and Probability of Detection. This results in reduced search time, reduced costs and reduced risk to personnel.  Drone SAR has the capability to stream live images and video from the drone as it conducts it search to the command and control unit of the agency. A number of extra functions are provided where the victim location can be instantaneously shared with the ground search team, with one touch. Images of the victim and location, together with GPS co-ordinates are sent via SMS or email as the drones loiters above. Completed search patterns are all recorded and logged for easy handover to oncoming rescue crews. A live stream function allows management to remotely track the drone, patterns it is to fly and view live camera feed from any computer browser.

How are you different?

Our App is the first of its kind worldwide. It has been developed with months of input from emergency response agencies throughout the world. For the last 18 months DJI, the biggest drone manufacturer in the world, and EENA (European Emergency Numbers Association) have been working together to research how drone technology can assist  fire and rescue services, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), police services, coastguards and humanitarian organizations in different scenarios and in different environments such as urban, rural, mountainous, forest and “over-water” conditions. With a number of test sites throughout the world, they will shortly release a ‘White Paper’ on the topic. Our software has been designed as a direct result of this project. Our team each have a unique set of skills which include Military Flight Instructors with Helicopter SAR experience, an award winning app designer and a Mountain Rescue team leader.

Why will the company / product do well?

Our product has solved all of the issues that these agencies have experienced while conducting rescues. By constant testing and with input from these agencies, the app has been designed for fast, effective and simple use. We possess unique skills which give us a huge advantage.

Where are you based?

Our team are based in Ireland, and travel between Letterkenny and Dublin.

When was the company launched?

Our company began on the 6th April 2016 and we will be launching our product on November 3rd 2016 at the upcoming Drones & Data Conference in Dublin. However, the product has been in the development phase for almost 18 months.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Our first big achievement was winning an Enterprise Ireland competitive start up fund investment program. This gave us the capital to fully develop and to move at a very fast pace.

Next was our partnership agreement with DJI, the worlds biggest drone manufacturer. With a few calls, a trip to San Francisco and a pitch presentation we successfully entered a partnership with the Worlds leading drone company. This was a big leap forward for us.

We have also established a number of other partnerships with multinational companies. One of these is Irish based, D4H Technologies, who provide incident management software to Rescue agencies throughout the world. We will integrate our software into the D4H platform, which will provide a very powerful incident management system including the aerial assets.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

Drone SAR will target worldwide emergency response agencies responsible for the co-ordination of emergency and Search and Rescue (SAR) related response. The functions provided by the app will not only provide an easy to use Aerial Search facility but will also help in emergency scene management. With a simple download, the app will become immediately functional with the drone of the agency.

Tell us about your team?

Our team possess a number of very unique skills, each of which have combined to produce this incredible product.

Oisin is a Military helicopter instructor/examiner. He has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has a passion for unmanned aircraft technology. He co-founded iFly Technology, Irelands leading unmanned aircraft training centre and is also a certified military and civilian RPAS instructor and examiner.

Matthew is an award winning app designer with a passion for drone technology. He has degrees in Electronics and in Satellite communications.

Gearoid is a Military flight instructor.  He co-founded iFly Technology and is a certified military and civilian RPAS instructor and examiner. Gearoid has a degree in Business & Aviation Management, a diploma in psychology and recently won a scholarship for an MBA in Smurfit Business College.

Leo is an R&D Engineer with a contract research department with experience in new product and service development. He is also a member of a mountain rescue team for 10 years and has held positions of deputy and lead co-ordinator for the past 6 years. He has been actively involved in the testing phase of the DJI & EENA project which will be presented in the soon to be released, White Paper on the use of drone technology for emergency situations.

What are your long term plan for your product/company?

We aim to be the sole provider of this rescue software to rescue agencies throughout the world. If our software saves one life, then it is mission success for us at DroneSAR. We will continue to develop and to work with all of our customers to find the most advanced ways to improve the use of drones in these situations. Reducing risk to personnel, reducing search time and increasing the operational effectiveness of each team.

What are your favourite tech Gadgets?

With the recent release of the DJI Mavic, this machine quickly found its way to the top. A fold up hand sized drone that weighs 750g, that has the capabilities of the Phantom series with extra features like contour mapping…how could this not be at the top of everyones list?

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

With the obvious expense of satellite communications, this would certainly feature on my wish list. Having a means of communicating with drones without having to maintain Line of Sight or frequency related distance limitations. With a more efficient power source, these machines would be limitless as to their impact on this industry.


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M: 00353879433667

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