Specialising in high quality graphic design and striking illustration, DoodleMoose Designs is a creative duo made up of Dave and Gill, who have been working together now for over 3 years. They have built their business from scratch and over the last few years have gained a growing client list with an ever extending visual portfolio. They design mainly for print on projects that range from company branding and marketing material to children’s campaigns and character illustration. Their slogan is: “Making you look good, makes us look good”
We spoke with Gill to find out more about the company.

Q1 Can you tell me about what services DoodleMoose offer?

DoodleMoose Designs offers high quality professional illustration and graphic design services. We assist businesses and professional individuals with their marketing by creating high impact design and visual graphics that make their brand stand out. We design anything from business cards, to brochures. As we are also illustrators, this allows us to cater to a broader market, from creating characters for young children, to illustrating maps or patterns to fit into more fun and upbeat visual campaigns.

Q2 When did the company launch?

We started DoodleMoose Designs just over 3 years ago from scratch. It wasn’t much for the first year or so, but since then, we have grown our client base and experience. We are proud of the work we have put into the business, and we are constantly expanding and learning as we go.

Q3 Can you tell me more about your background and your journey to this point?

DoodleMoose Designs is a partnership between Dave and I – a pair who have always been creative.

Dave came from a music career, and also worked with GIS software, designing and illustrating maps for the local county council. Throughout this time, Dave would always be sketching and wouldn’t be without a sketchpad and pencil.

I came from a photography background – after studying in DIT for four years, I used the skills I learned within the course to develop a graphic design career, starting off with doing various freelance work.

DoodleMoose Designs came together after much discussion about how to apply these creative skills in order to make a living. We wanted to make a buck doing what we love doing best, and that’s how it was born.

Q4 Where are you based?

We are based in a home office in Naas, Co. Kildare. We work mainly online with our clients.

Q5 Can you give us some examples of your work to date?

Q6 Is there certain areas that you specialise in or at least would prefer to work in?

We would specialize in creating lively design and illustration. You can see from our portfolio online that our work tends to be colourful and fun. We do also create more clean-edged design within our work as well. We have yet, and wish to design something akin to a craft beer label. As we are both lovers of craft beer, and admire the label design that surrounds each bottle, this would be our dream commission.

Q7 Who would you say is your target market?

We find a lot of our previous clients have come from a community-based background, for example county councils and Credit Unions, who work with children and families. Our target market would also include food industry professionals (restaurants, cafes) and other creative professionals.

Q8 What are the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 086 0779443 / 085 7020004



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