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Describe the company – the elevator pitch…

We are a company called DeNet. This is a brand that unites skilled and ambitious developers, headed by Denis Shelestov. DeNet is a first in the world marketplace platform based on blockchain technology, providing decentralized web hosting service and power sharing hub. A startup is a serious enterprise that cannot operate without experienced financial planners, project leaders and a sales team. All of these crucial positions are covered by people with the appropriate background sharing a common passion for what we are doing together.

How are you different?

We are different because we invest our money directly into R&D and we already have an MVP and an alpha-version that you can test right now! We stand apart because we did not leave any margin for our personal or company profit within the decentralized web hosting ecosystem we are building. We, as the creators, don’t lay claim to a single penny from commissions or any other internal system fees. Our profit is the experience and reputation that proves to everyone that our team is capable to execute difficult infrastructure tasks.

Why will you do well?

Our passion is the fuel that drives us. We will do well without a doubt because we have a clear vision of our goals and aims, nothing can divert us from the path we are already on. The most difficult part is already behind, we assembled a first-rate team and already created an MVP. This is why we are optimistically confident that all other hurdles will be overcome. We have reputable advisers who believe in our project.

Where are you based?

We’re operating from  Hong-Kong, Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan), Moscow and Minsk.

When was the company launched?

Denet was launched in May of 2017.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Our biggest win was getting the seal of approval for our technical road map from respected and experienced engineers in the I.T. community. A positive conclusion after Due diligence in a peer review process from the I.T. community is one of the most valuable things we have received.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

We are positioning our platform as marketplace within the sharing economy for spare computing power so we hope to attract the general public. We are targeting gamers, crypto farmers, data centers, individuals or enterprises that hate dealing with servers. This is one type of customer that would become our nodes/farmers. The other clients are individuals want to host sites or applications. Based on our own market research we would be of interest to small and medium size e-commerce marketplace and API developers.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

Nothing can be done alone. If you don’t have any good partners, find them first and only after should you search for funding. We we lucky to find each other. Rafik Singatullin, DeNet Co-founder/CEO and Paul Litvyakov, Co-founder/CBDO have known each other for 15 years. Go into business only with people that you respect and trust.

Tell us about your team?

Team is headed by Denis Shelestov, 19-year old CTO. Rafik Singatullin, company CEO, has build up the team and is managing the team work. Paul Litvyakov,CBDO, is focused on business development specializing in introducing company to markets in Asia, America and Europe. We are supported by a strong team of tech advisers all other the world, including Andrey Bogomolov (MIT Media Lab, founder of and, Jay Campuzano (CEO & Founder at Self Governance Algorithms), Andrei Kulik (Co-Founder at AIMatter Inc, Google engineer), Jim Blasko (bCommerce Labs Chief Cryptographer) and many other experts.

What are your plans for the future?

After we gather computing power and launch web hosting we will used the assembled power for other purposes such as big data processing, file storage, machine learning or training of neural networks.

What are your favorite tech gadgets?

Our CTO, Dennis Shelestov has his trust Mac Book Air 13

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

Anything that would code better that Mac Book Air already does. Also Dennis uses both tabs and spaces to code depending on the context but is more inclined to use tabs.

How do people get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with us via

email [email protected]

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