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Describe the company

Fintech company iCrypto S.A., developing Datarius Cryptobank, is at the forefront of the new digital economy. The Datarius project is a new, social-type cryptobank with transparent conditions. In cryptobanking industry, Datarius will become the first financial institution capable offering its customers a full range of financial services implemented within a decentralized system.

The uniqueness of Datarius Cryptobank is that the project allows customers to get services, adapted to their needs. Datarius will operate on the basis of P2P ecosystem (peer-to-peer), where transaction participants are private users, and not banking institutions.
Such platform will be a perfect solution for people without credit history, to whom traditional banks cannot provide loan proposals, or for whom current offers on the market will cost much more.

The Datarius project has a global value. It is designed to overcome current difficulties connected to use of cryptocurrencies in non-digital world, introducing options of integrated crypto- and fiat money services into payment infrastructure for this purpose.
Confirming its status as a social bank, Datarius integrated Trust Limits system into the credit segment, it is allowed to set credit line criteria for a particular user, group, or all users with possibility to create more flexible system settings for accepting trust limits by predefined criteria. Due to such competitive advantages, Datarius plans to establish strong market leadership in cryptobanking industry.

How are you different?

We have very ambitious targets for the expansion of the fintech market. We believe that our model responses well to this challenge due to its competitive advantages. Our model assumes 3 listings for the borrowers’ and creditors’ orders. The orders are initially split into the listings according to the type of user account (the authentication level, the availability of additional information to be processed by computer algorithms, the availability of behavioral patterns, the availability in the databases of partner projects, etc.), as well as in accordance with the wishes of the initiators. Each user who submits an order is asked to personally determine the listing according to the additional analytical and verifying services they choose. Other project users can pay for verification or evaluation of the orders at their own discretion, thereby lifting the order to the listing of the higher trust level.

We also provide automatic package closing of offsetting orders (at the user’s request), as well as assist at the closing to expedite the interaction. This means that if a number of offsetting orders meets the user’s requirements, such orders will be closed automatically, and if there are orders in the system that do not meet any criteria, they will be shown to the initiator and automatically recommended for acceptance.

The whole system is aimed at making the interaction between users possible without involving the team core. Datarius reserves only the power to ensure the operation of the platform and to provide a wide range of related services. Thus, we plan to completely cancel out the shortcomings of traditional systems – lobbyism and the promotion of toxic bonds.

– We’re the only ones who declare the socialization of the fintech.
– We’re the only ones who declare full freedom of action and formation of service fee by users.
– We’re the only ones who declare and have the expertise and opportunities to open training centers to impart financial literacy and to train to operate directly on the credit market.
– We’re the only ones who declare and have the expertise in implementing instant money transfer systems such as Western Union, Moneygram, Transferwise.
– We’re the only ones who are ready and have the expertise in forming special packages for the small and medium-sized businesses. Our team and advisors have more than 10 years of successful work in the traditional banking sector.
– The Datarius team has also a practical experience in duplicating the virtual accounts by traditional ones. We have some developments in this field and are in preliminary negotiations with major banking groups.
– We are also ready to learn successful experience in card products including virtual credit cards. We know which combinations and in what format will be most interesting to the user.

Why will you do well?

We are the first social-type cryptobank.

We have an unusual and original approach to an existing problem of P2P landing and a competent team that has the required experience in relevant fields.

Where are you based?

The company is registered in Costa Rica. We have a very international team. Physically, we are scattered across the globe – from Malaysia to Costa Rica. So far, the project’s focal point is located in Kiev and after a successful pre-ITO, we plan to little by little to move to Prague.

When was the company launched?

We began to work on Datarius Cryptobank from March 2017. iCrypto SA was registered a little bit later.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Every new day brings new wins. Maybe the biggest one for this moment is that we reached our SoftCap in 2.5h.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

All peoples who are tired from the classical banking system and want to leave behind its major disadvantages: non-transparency, unpredictability, lobbyism, and administrative burden.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

Never give up. Analyze. Continually improve yourself. Cryptorize!

Tell us about your team?

Every member of the team is an expert in his/her field. The entire Datarius core has no less than 10 years of continuous work experience within its field of competence. The core management team has experience in banking and financial spheres, including work with non-performing loans, experience in large international companies. The technical arm of the project is ultra-class professionals, enthused about their work and pioneers in the field of decentralized technologies. We also have a strong support in legal issues.
We have no doubt in the competence of each key player of the project. Today we are actively recruiting and training the support staff.

What are your plans for the future?

We are already negotiating with development companies, retailers, car dealers and manufacturers, as well as with state-owned companies. We will work to ensure our user will be provided with the widest range of financial instruments available on the market. No matter what level of contributorship we achieve upon Softcap, we will introduce instruments outlined in “higher” cases of our Whitepaper sooner or later, anyway.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

Comfortable workplaces. We hope that in the future our specialists will work on something like the welab workspace.

Anything else you’d like to add/we should have asked?

We decided not to impose any services at all upon the users. We will propose three listings with different trust levels – from the borrowers minimally verified by the system algorithms and to the completely transparent borrowers, thoroughly reviewed by the project’s Risk Department. Any interested user, at any time, can personally order one or another related service – in-depth computer evaluation, evaluation by project partners, evaluation by the Risk Department, evaluation by user-managers and so on. The results will be immediately available to all other users. Accordingly, one or another application can automatically shift from one listing to another in keeping with the wishes of the project participants, and not merely as preferred by the submitting user. Thus, Datarius provides its users with complete freedom of choice both in terms of actions and cost. Of course, we will charge a very symbolic fee if users haven’t used the services of our project. Moreover, this will allow partner projects, including blockchain, as well as simple professional users or trained users, to independently determine the cost of their services and to earn with the project, acting both as a project participant and as a consumer of its services. This model offers great opportunities to all market participants.
We would be glad to consider any interesting proposals. We are fully open to cooperation and collaboration. As professionals, we are committed to constantly learning and developing. We believe that we can create a truly unique and marketable product and we will appreciate any support.

How do people get in touch with you?
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