Pushstartr are new Irish company who aim to save developers time and money by simplifying the way they manage databases. Based in Dublin, the company was founded by Ryan Nutley and has now expanded to a team of four.
We caught up with Ryan to discuss the finer details of the platform and to find out more about the company’s journey so far.

Q1 Hi Ryan. Can you tell me about the service Pushstartr offers?

Absolutely. Pushstartr is a database management platform that simplifies databases for developers. Our service is our platform, which is delivered in two parts; an API and a user interface. The API can be installed on any server, but we also host a version of it for customers who want a quick setup time for their projects. The purpose of the API is to provide a free and easy to use tool for accessing and storing data. The second part of our service is our management application, which puts a complete visual overhaul on database management. Through this web-based application, a developer will be able to easily manage both their database and their data.

Q2 When was the company setup?

I spent the better part of a year intensely analyzing the tech behind our product, and things just came together naturally from there. It was around May that things started to form more solidly and a business was born. We’re counting from June onwards because that’s when it stopped being a one-person operation.

Q3 Can you explain in more detail how the work you’re doing will aid developers?

Our technology allows developers to easily interact with and manage their data, so the big benefit is the time saving ability. The two main things we’re focusing on at the moment are data querying and schema management. By simplifying these, we can save developers a serious amount of time on each of their projects. By focusing on the design and visual aspects of data, we’re also lowering the barriers to entry for younger less experienced developers looking to use a database in their project.

Q4 What was the motivation for creating this product?

I’ve been working with database technology for a few years now and have always felt that the tools available for developers were poorly designed. My final year project in college just so happened to be focused on database technologies, so it was the perfect opportunity to solve this problem. That’s the general motivation behind things. As I talked to more and more developers, it became apparent that there was a demand for better designed database management tools.


Q5 Can you tell me some more about yourself and your team?

Of course. I’ll start with myself. I’ve been a full stack developer for nearly six years and started my career in a bank, where I worked in the marketing department. I started into freelance development shortly after my time in the bank, before going on to work with a digital agency called DotDash. Throughout my time as a web developer, I worked on projects both locally and internationally. Just over a year ago I went on to co-found Reveal, an intelligent travel application. Shane Felle is another core team member with an interesting background. Shane has a retail background and a great strength of his is the ability to understand customer needs. Shane’s been actively growing our user base and promoting Pushstartr for the last few weeks, as well as managing the project workflow. There are four of us in total, but that’s the core team at the moment.

Q6 Where is the company based?

We are based in Harold’s Cross, Dublin at the moment. We started out working from Trinity College computer rooms, but it wasn’t really a sustainable or feasible location for collaborating. In early July, a company called Neworld Associates offered us office space. It’s a great location and a great environment to work from… plus there’s a pool table we use during lunch.

Q7 Can people sign up for Beta access now?

Absolutely. We are looking to grow our user base as much as possible over the coming months. We ask three main questions from users who sign up; what database technology do you use? What programming language do you use? What excites you about Pushstartr? Knowing these things will help us focus our product towards more specific developer needs from the start.


Q8 When do you expect to launch fully?

We’re gearing up for a Beta release in early 2015, but users can expect to see certain parts of the product before then. We will be open sourcing our API, so the earliest version of that will be available from September onwards. The database management application will be in official Alpha phase by January 2015, but there will be an online demo available before then. By June of next year, we will have official stable releases of both the API and the management application.

Q9 What’s the best way for people to find out more?

Our website is the best place to go for additional information on the product and company. We also maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin with the username @Pushstartr. If any readers would like more information, I’d like to encourage them to reach out directly. Send us a tweet, connect with me on LinkedIn or send an email.


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