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Describe the company Croosing – the elevator pitch …

In one sentence:
Croosing is the technology behind next generation browsing experience.

In few more words:
Croosing is the 1st medium tailored to the online era.
For the first time, users can enjoy a well edited, interest focused, rich web content – in a passive way, “couch potato” style, without giving up on personalization or the option to switch back to active browsing.
Influencers are gaining a new native online-oriented way to create and tell a story while leading the audience their way (and profit from it).
Marketers can lead the consumers from the teaser through the content to the click-and-pay button – at the cost of just one click.
The followers visits each site, counted as traffic and can take actions of their own!

How are you different?

Croosing is more than “different” – it is a first-of-a-kind.
Croosing is a medium, an engine – and not a web-platform. Meaning, Croosing is comparable to video and not to YouTube; to image and not to Instagram; to sound and not to Spotify.
And being the 1st medium tailored to the online era, it is unchaining content creators from old-school, offline media (like video, image, text…)
BTW, Croosing is fit able to all existing major web and social platforms, enriching them and not competing them.

Why will it catch?

We believe it will do to the web what movies did to still images. Same thing – but moving on its own!

When was the company launched?
The initial idea was born during 2013. After few months of boiling, we had put the pedal to the metal on early 2014.

32 Months and 3 investors later we have 5 people strong team, 3 patents on the roll, well connected advisory board, PoC+Alpha+Beta and 1 mind blowing medium that is taking browsing forward.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

We shifted the internet from manual to automatic. Isn’t it great?

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

Everybody. Pure and simple. (Again, think video, sound… Everybody is using it)

Tell us about your team?

Hackers, hustlers and hipsters.

What are you long term plans for Croosing?

When you’ll search Google 3-4 years from now, the results will be segmented to websites, images, videos and crooses. Who knows, crooses might be first.

When will you be on the air?

Just went up with open beta version:
Currently the beta runs only on PCs/MACs with Chrome browser, but Safari version is soon to be and mobile version will go on beta early 2017. Wanna be part of the mobile beta? Just send your name to [email protected] with the subject: Mobile beta.
Would most appreciate your feedback, good or less-good. Just keep in mind that Croosing’s website is temporary repository of “crooses” for beta purposes – but we see the technology, the engine as the main goal – and not the website.
All content can be shared and consumed using simple link, on any website or social network. Share. Please do share.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We have a vision: to carve a new face for the online use.
In order to fulfill it we have to be bold, fully committed and super creative, and we have to have fun doing it, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it.
And we are looking for the right partners for our journey.

How do people get in touch with you?

[email protected] – always happy to hear from users and potential partners!

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