Creative Nation is Ireland’s largest Youtube Network with over 3000 partners and 300+million monthly views. Based in Dublin, Creative Nation enables content creators to earn money from their videos with the support of a network.
We spoke with Aaron Quinn, Community Manager at Creative Nation, to find out more about this interesting company and to get a better idea of how the whole process works.

Q1 Hi Aaron. Can you explain to our readers what a Multi-Channel Network is?

A MCN is an organization that works with video platforms such as YouTube, to offer assistance in areas such as support, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and/or audience development in exchange for a percentage of the ad revenue from the channel. For example we offer 90% revenue share to our YouTube Partners, much higher than other networks.
In less-boring words; we help you turn your YouTube Channel into your full-time job!

Q2 When was Creative Nation launched?

October 1st 2013.

Q3 Where are you based?

We are based in The Digital Hub in Dublin, and we love it here!

Q4 Can you tell me some more about the people behind it?

Creative Nation was founded by Shane Corry, an entrepreneur based in Dublin and has grown to over 3000 partners in its first year. I’m the Community Manager, a graduate from IADT where I studied animation and we have two video producers Oisin and Jordan, who produce our weekly videos for which launched early September.


Q5 What does Creative Nation offer that differentiates you from other networks?

Many networks only offer 60-70% of your earnings, but we offer 90%. The highest percentage in the industry. Our contracts are a reasonable 10 months, the minimum to insure ad-sales with our advertisers and our payout threshold is only $1, which means even if you’re a small channel, you’ll be getting paid every month! As Community Manager, I also handle live-support and offer free graphic design for our partners.

Q6 How many members have you now?

We currently have 5 people working in-house and several more contractors overseas.

Q7 If there is anyone reading this who may be interested in joining, what’s the procedure and are there any prerequisites?

If they are a content creator and want to start earning money and growing their channels, we are here to help! We can link your channel to our network usually within 24 hours. Anyone interested can apply here:

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Q8 What’s next for Creative Nation?

We’re hoping to expand our staff and ramp up production for original videos produced for our Facts channel. We hope to reach 10,000 partners by the end of 2015. We’re Ireland’s largest MCN right now and we plan to keep working hard to become one of the largest networks worldwide in the future. We’re looking for extras on a weekly basis for our videos, so if there’s any people out there who want to get paid to have some fun making YouTube videos with us, make sure to check out our Facebook page.

Q9 What’s the best way for people to get in contact and find out more?

You can visit our website to find out more information at Also, on the bottom right of the site is a live-chat feature where you can chat to one of our representatives.

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