Based in Dublin, Clinch is a next generation talent acquisition platform. Believing the process of identifying and acquiring the right candidates should be far easier, less costly and less time consuming, co-founders Paddy Doyle and Damien Glancy created Clinch and the service launched in January of this year.
We spoke with Maura McElhone to find out more about the company and their future plans.

Q1. Hi Maura. Can you explain what Clinch is and what services you offer?

Clinch turns anonymous visitors to your website into potential job candidates for your business. We help make your HR efforts as effective as your customer acquisition with software that maximises the engagement potential of your careers page.

Q2. When did you launch?

The company was formed in January 2014, and the website launched at the end of March.

Q3. Who are your target market?

We’re focussed on growing companies – particularly those in the technology space.


Co-founders Paddy Doyle and Damien Glancy

Q4. What would you say are the main benefits from using your service?

While most of the existing hiring solutions out there focus exclusively on managing candidates once they have applied, our software focuses on driving engagement and acquiring those candidates.

Finding suitable candidates for open jobs is a big problem for a lot of companies. Often, those companies will resort to hiring expensive third party recruiters on the understanding that a recruiter has a large network of candidates from which to pick. With Clinch, companies save time and money because we help them build their own candidate network – a “talent pool,” to use industry speak – that they can tap into the second a job opens up.

How do we do this? With software that allows companies to leverage the existing traffic to their website and turn those anonymous visitors into potential candidates.

We also give companies insights on the visitors to their careers page and provide analytics reports that will allow the company to evaluate the effectiveness of their visitor-to-candidate campaign. – The API for Hiring – Home

Q5. Can you explain how the process works for employers?

Of course. It’s a subscription based model, so once you’ve completed your free trial and decide that you want to give Clinch a go, select which package best suits your needs. We tailor individual solutions to ensure companies only get and pay for the tools they need. There is an initial free trial period so that companies can sign up and try us out.

If you already have a careers page on your site, you can install our “Engage” tool and start building a pool of candidates right away! If you don’t have a careers page, or wish to have a better, more engaging one, our software (including easy-to-use camera app and page editor) will help you create and host one in no time at all. Our system is also fully equipped to receive applications and track, sort, and manage candidates through the hiring pipeline. It’s an end-to-end hiring solution.

Q6. Can you tell me some more about the people behind Clinch and how you came up with the idea?

Right now, we’re a small but growing team of seven, with co-founders Paddy Doyle and Damien Glancy at the helm. These two had worked together in a previous startup. Experiences of the hiring process in that business and from other companies that they had worked in, brought them to the conclusion that there must be a better way to hire.

Recognising that hiring is easier and cheaper when you have a pool of candidates to pick from, Paddy and Damien wanted to offer companies a product that took the hard work out of developing that pool. In the same way that acquiring and maintaining customers is part of the day to day business practices of a company, the Clinch co-founders envisioned a product that made candidate acquisition an organic and ongoing process too.


Clinch Team

Q7. Can you describe what being an Enterprise Ireland HPSU (High Potential Start Up) client means to the company?

The EI infrastructure and knowledge base have been invaluable to the business particularly as we build our presence in other markets.  Support and information is only a phone call or email away which allows our business to grow faster. Events that they run also provide a great opportunity to meet other startups in the community and share what are usually quite similar problems.

Q8. What’s next for Clinch?

We’re currently participating in the Access Silicon Valley programme  – an Enterprise Ireland initiative designed to fast-track Irish technology companies who are targeting Silicon Valley and San Francisco. After demoing at Collision in Las Vegas – the sister event to Dublin’s own Web Summit – and TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco earlier this year, we’re in talks with several incubators and accelerators who are keen for their participating startups to avail of Clinch’s technology. We already have some U.S.-based clients, and with interest in our product continuing to grow, it makes sense for us to have a constant presence out there. Our next step is to set up an office in the San Francisco Bay area, likely in the new year. 

Product-wise, we’re also working on some very interesting initiatives for companies that have built their business entirely on mobile and figuring out how we can help them to build a candidate pool.

Q9. What’s the best way for people to get in contact and find out more?

You can visit the website,, for more info, or, get in touch directly at [email protected]. We’re also on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with me on [email protected]

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