Bua Ireland Business Solutions is an Irish Information Technology company founded in January 2013 by two brothers, JP and Brian Kehoe. With clients in Ireland and America, their focus is on Information Security.
They help clients with all aspects of technology based security, analysing companies’ security procedures, providing solutions and giving them peace of mind.
Their consultants have an extensive knowledge and experience of the industry and are dedicated to delivering a solution that best suits clients’ needs.

We had a chat with Brian Kehoe to find out some more about the company.

Q1 Can you tell me a bit more about exactly what services your company has to offer?

We are an Information Security company focusing on three main services in this area: Security Audit, Managed Services and Breach Response.

We have the ability to assess existing infrastructure and advice the best security solution for our client’s environment. We make recommendations on any issue the organization is facing. We concentrate heavily on ways of improving performance, maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of company information.

By assessing risks you will be aware of the uncertainty and then we identify the steps to protect the organization, people and assets concerned. 

Q2 Tell me a bit more about yourself and JP. What’s your backgrounds and how did you end up starting the company?

Brothers born and growing up in Killenard, County Laois, we both have a background in Information Technology.  A Risk Management expert, JP was educated in University College Dublin with Honours qualifications that provide a unique skill set in Business, Project Management, Risk Management and Information Technology.Brian completed an honours degree in Information and Communications Technology from Trinity College Dublin and a Higher Diploma from University College Dublin.

After leaving college, we both spent some time in industry, working in the public and private sectors before deciding that the time was right to start our own business.  

Q3 Who would you say is your target market?

We currently provide managed IT services to numerous clients in Ireland and the United States. Our focus is on the market in United States, London and we are hoping to open an office in Dubai during 2014.

Cyber risks are faced not just by e-commerce companies and those undertaking transactions over the internet, but also by companies that store personal data, are reliant on computer or telephone networks, holds digital information or uses the internet can face these exposures. In short, just about every business in the world today is faced with Cyber risks.

Q4 2013 was a very difficult year for many companies. From your perspective how difficult was it to start a business in such challenging circumstances?

From our point of view, it has been a great time to start our business.  We are a young, enthusiastic and agile company and found that working hard for our clients has allowed us to set up and thrive in 2013.  The support and help we received from some of our advisors particular our business partners based in New York has been pivotal in our development and direction for the future.  We believe that the entrepreneurial journey will always have challenges regardless of the financial climate however we meet each challenge head on and determined to succeed.

Q5 For any prospective customers reading this, what’s the best way of getting in contact with you?

You can contact Brian [email protected]  or JP [email protected] at any stage, visit our website on  www.buaireland.ie or twitter @buaireland

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase get in contact with me on [email protected]

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