Brave Media are a Digital Marketing Agency set up in late 2012 who deal in generating traffic, Search Engine Optimisation, and getting their clients found online. Their services also include Content Creation, Social Media Management, and PPC. They’re also big into keyword and competitor research in the planning stages of strategising.

We caught up with Lisa Sills from Brave Media to find out more about the company.

Q1 Hi Lisa. Can you tell me a bit more about Brave Media and what services you offer?

Hello! I suppose we should start with a bit of history! Brave Media was founded in 2012. At the time, our Head of Digital Marketing, Dave, noticed that a lot of digital agencies weren’t really focusing on start-ups and SMEs—which is why Brave Media came into being.

Dave’s reckoning was that it was the smaller businesses that need a digital marketing strategy. He teamed up with Sean Leamy, who he’d worked with previously, and Brave Media was born. For the first couple of months, Brave Media was a work-from-home business, but the lads moved into the Guinness Enterprise Centre in 2013.

I joined the team in early 2014 as Head of Content. My background is pretty mixed and includes stints making feature films, editing and writing, and content management! So that’s us!

In terms of services, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency which means we offer everything from one-off website audits up to full campaigns incorporating SEO, Content Marketing, Website Design, PPC, Social Media, etc. We’ll also monitor the campaign and provide detailed reports so we’ll know exactly how it’s coming along.

Every client is different, of course, so we tailor each strategy to their specific needs. We very recently also opened our doors to training and consultancy. We’ll teach a company or person everything they need to know to run their digital marketing in-house. We’re a pretty sound bunch and we won’t break the bank, which is always a plus!

Q2 When was the company set up and how many employees have you now?

I might have given the history a bit early! Brave Media was set up in 2012. Right now, there’s three of us:

Sean Leamy, Head of SEO.

David Gargan, Head of Digital Marketing.

Lisa Sills, Head of Content Creation.

We’re a small company, but between us we come with years of experience, a back-catalogue of awards, publications, successful campaigns and digital experience!

Q3 Who would you say is your target market?

We’ve worked with a range of clients—from pet shops to hotels, but we particularly emphasise SMEs and start-ups. We’re an SME ourselves, so we understand how tight the budget can be—especially for marketing and advertising. We’re a friendly bunch here and we like to make sure our door is always open to anyone looking for advice or help.

Realistically, everyone is our target market. There’s a place for pretty much every business online. The internet is a whole other world of leads, sales, and traffic.

Q4 For new companies starting off that may not be familiar with the services you offer or may not quite understand them, how would you explain to them the advantages you feel your company can provide?

Digital marketing is how you get found online. The future is digital, right? Everyone is online now, even if all your grandmother does is spam you with Facebook requests for Candy Crush Saga!

We facilitate getting a company found online—which brings in leads and, hopefully, sales and conversions! Let’s say you’re going on holiday and want to find a hotel to stay in. What’s the first thing you do? You’ll Google it. Or Bing it, if you’re a bit mad. You’ll then comb through the first couple of pages and have a nose through their websites.

That’s why you need SEO. The hotels on the first page of Google will have a detailed digital marketing campaign. The hotels on page eleven that no one really even sees won’t. The hotels on page eleven are leaking business, whereas the ones on the first few pages are thriving.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is at the heart of digital marketing. We’ve had quite a few people scratching their heads at the mention of SEO. It’s a term that sounds much fancier than it actually is.

Essentially, it means fixing up your website so it ranks for the keywords you want. Take Brave Media as an example. We want to rank for phrases like ‘Digital Marketing agency Dublin’ or ‘content creation Dublin.’ The idea, then, is that when someone searches for those keywords, our website pops up in the search engine. Preferably in the first couple of pages. Obviously, the higher up you appear in the rankings, the more leads (potentially interested clients) you’ll generate.

At its base, that’s what we do: we make sure your website is high up in search engine rankings via the services we offer. Those services—content marketing, social media, PPC, etc.—work together to make a great digital marketing campaign.

Q5 I see on your website that you have a great competition running at the moment. Can you tell us some more about that?

Sure! We launched our competition a couple of weeks ago to celebrate our new website. Once we had the website up and running, we thought it’d be nice to reach out to SMEs and start-ups who can’t afford their own digital marketing. Of course, we hope it might lead to some extra work for us too!

The competition’s prize is a three month digital marketing strategy and its implementation. We reckon the prize is valued at about €2,500. To enter, all a company needs to do is fill in their details here. That’s it. We’ll be pulling the winner from a hat on the 21st of March and meeting up with them soon after to get their campaign up and running.

The competition’s been great. We wanted to hit fifty entries, but entry number 177 arrived this morning! We’re pretty chuffed with that and we’re looking forward to working with the winner!

Q6 What do you feel makes your company stand out from the others?

I think in the marketing world in particular it’s very easy to get bogged down in buzzwords and hyperbole. People want the truth, so we try to avoid jargon where possible. Our big thing is honesty. We’ll sit our clients down and we’ll tell them exactly what they need. We won’t sit them down with the goal of ‘sell, sell, sell!’

Our door really is always open if anyone wants to talk shop or ask advice on their current digital marketing campaign.

Q7 What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you?

We’re pretty easy to find!

Our online home is We’re always nattering about something on our Facebook and Twitter. Email us at [email protected]

If you’d like to go old-school and give us a call, we’re available at: (353) 416 3694. Those doors we mentioned earlier are at The Guinness Enterprise Centre, Taylor’s Lane, Dublin 8, if anyone does want to pop in for a chat!


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