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Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

“The Bridge of Mutually Beneficial Cooperation” (BMBC) is an international p2p platform, created to connect lenders from developed countries with the most reliable and successful borrowers (only AA Risk Rating) from developing countries.

Why will the company / product do well?

In the developed countries of the West, money is very cheap. Rates of Central Banks are close to zero, and in some – even negative. Central Bank Rate is a key factor, which determines the loan cost in the country. Interest rates on deposits in banks for the population are very low. P2P platforms and banks in such countries are very beneficial to borrowers, but not to lenders, because the income is very low (less than 5% per annum for reliable AA borrowers). Thus, in order to get a higher income, one needs to take very risks and give loans to unreliable borrowers. The situation is exactly the opposite in developing countries. Money is very expensive, and there are almost no credits for a long term. This is bad for borrowers, but very good for lenders, as they can get significantly higher income without any risks, giving money only to the most reliable borrowers (only AA Risk Rating). Given all this, it turns out that the most optimal and profitable model of the p2p platform is the combination of lenders from developed countries and borrowers from developing countries. This is beneficial for both parties, so we decided to build such financial and mutually beneficial bridges between people from different countries. Now we are only at the beginning of this path, we work with lenders from any country in the world, but the borrowers are only from Russia. Over time, we will draw borrowers from other developing countries.

How are you different?

There are a lot of differences from other p2p platforms:

1) We accept contributions from the lenders for a period from 1 to 10 years. Other platforms – mainly from 3-5 years. It gives our lenders more opportunities to effectively manage their money.

2) We work only with the most reliable borrowers (only AA Risk Rating), while other platforms work with anyone.

3) We act as guarantors and warrantors for all the loans on our platform. We provide insurance for all the contributions of the lenders. Other platforms prefer not to take full 100% responsibility for all the money. At best, they may guarantee a partial refund.

4) According to the Russian legislation, the founder of our platform is responsible for the money of the lenders not only with the property and the guarantee fund of the platform, but with all their personal property. Other platforms do not provide such guarantee of deposit safety.

5) Other platforms give the lenders the right to choose borrowers themselves, thereby removing the responsibility for the result (for repaying money) from themselves and completely shifting all responsibility and all risks to the lenders. We choose borrowers for our platform’s lenders themselves, thus, removing all the responsibility and risks from the lenders and fully accepting all the responsibility. Therefore, we are much more interested and motivated than other platforms to choose only the most reliable and successful borrowers. We risk our own money, so we choose borrowers much more strictly and thoroughly. Not only do we have qualified lawyers, but we also have our own collectors.

6) Not many p2p platforms can proudly say that over 5 years of work they have not had a single case where the lender did not receive back all their money together with interest. Either the borrower pays, or we pay for the borrower, but the lender will not suffer in any case. This is a principle of our platform. We are absolutely sure that we will not have such cases in the future either.

7) We do not have any commission fees for the lenders. Lender does not pay for the work of the platform, for the transfer of money, as well as for the conversion of currencies, and anything else. All the commission fees are at our expense. The lender gets the exact amount which has been calculated with our special calculator and is specified in our contract.

8) In comparison with other platforms, we pay lenders a higher interest rate (taking into account AA Risk Rating), from 6 to 15% per annum (in euros).

9) The interest rate on other platforms depends on the reliability of borrowers, while our interest rate depends on the term of the deposit. The fact is that there is no problem with short-term credits in Russia, but we lack long-term ones. That is why the borrowers are ready to pay much higher interest for long-term credits.

10) We provide only real estate loans upon the security of real estate or loans for small business development and expansion. We provide loans not for beginning start-ups, but for verified, trusted, stable and successful small enterprises with long term experience, sufficient proved profit and pledged assets.

Where are you based?

We are an Internet company. We live and work on the Internet))) We work all over the world and for the whole world. We are officially registered in the Russian Federation, Samara Region.

When was the company launched?

We have been working for 5 years already. Although more than 4 of them we have been working only in Russia. We did not have a goal to earn money on the p2p platform, to develop and expand it. We just wanted the entrepreneurs of Samara and neighboring regions to be able to help each other with loans for development and growth. Unfortunately, the government, the Central Bank of Russia, and the banking sector as a whole do not care about Russian small business, manufacturing industry and the real sector of the economy in general. They work only for exchange speculators and large companies extracting raw materials. They are the puppets of the globalists that have transformed almost all countries of the world, including Russia, into a colony of transnational corporations. But the end of the globalist era in the world is close. There comes an era of protectionism and the return of sovereignty to all countries. But back to the topic. We did not view our platform as an independent business, we saw it as an auxiliary tool for the development and growth of other businesses. And in the summer of 2016, we decided to change the concept, we did a rebranding and now we are going to work all over the world, connecting lenders from countries where money is cheap, with borrowers from countries where money is expensive.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

The total amount of funds, obtained from lenders & provided for borrowers in 2016 exceeds the similar figures for the year of 2015 by 1486%.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

We do not have any problems with finding borrowers. The applications which are already approved for loans will last for several months of work. So now we are focused only on finding new lenders. Our p2p platform is ideal for people who want to have a stable, high and reliable fixed passive income. For people looking for new ways to increase their money as easy and safe as a bank deposit, but only with a higher interest rate. For people who want to save more money for the time they retire, to pay for the education of their children, or to buy a new house for their family. There are people among our clients, who not only increase their money, but also the money of others. They earn the money on the difference in interest rates in Russia and the Western countries. It means they take a loan in a Western bank at a low interest rate and immediately lend this money through our platform at a much higher interest rate. At the end of the deposit period, they receive the money from us, return it to the bank, and get a very significant difference for themselves. Besides, not only do we invite common people for cooperation, but we also engage institutional investors, financial advisors, other p2p platforms, bloggers and media professionals specializing in finance. By the way, we are not included in the list of persons and companies subject to sanctions, so our potential customers have nothing to worry about.

What are your long term plans for your product / company?

If we offer our clients the best ratio of profitability and reliability, then why don’t we overtake LendingClub and Prosper and become the largest p2p platform in the world? It’s only a matter of time)))

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

The favorite gadgets are the turned off gadgets. Live in the real world more than in the virtual reality.

How do people get in touch with you?

The address of our site is You can ask any question and get an answer to it in the customer support: email [email protected], Twitter @BMBC_online_inv Unfortunately, it’s only available in English or Russian. As the platform grows, other languages ??will be added.

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