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Describe the company, the elevator pitch?

Apptimi is where your company teamwork starts.

Apptimi helps your team to deal quickly and efficiently, internally and externally, with any issues. We provide your business with apps to manage,share messages, contact manager, help desk, FAQ’s, Tasks, Brainstorming and more so that you team works as a team.
How are you different?

We focus on making teams work better together, instead of team members dealing with messages in isolation. We promote sharing and collaboration on replies ,so that your team learns from each other and improves productivity.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

Voice commands on mobile handsets. Still in it’s infancy but it’s a technology that even in it’s current state is powerful and extremely useful. I do think that technology is killing the art of handwriting – about the only thing you write these days is something on your cheque book , and even these are disappearing.

How do people get in touch with us?


email [email protected]



Facebook Messenger: @Apptimi

What are you favorite tech gadgets?

Drones. I think they have such potential to change how we work and play.

Why will the product/company do well?

Small businesses are looking for better ways to manage ever increasing email but need solutions that are affordable and yet scale with their business. Apptimi Shared Inbox provides a business with a low cost, easy to use, complete solution to manage all messaging, tasks and brainstorming in their business.

We help teams work better together, to build team work and build closer links both inside and outside the business.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

A major U.S. schools system where Apptimi manages their messaging and data forms,

Major pharmacy chain in U.S.,

Property management business in the UK.

Tell us about your team

As a small technology business we have embraced distributed offices with virtual networking and encourage staff to wear many hats and skills.
Kevin, Noel, Gerry , Anna , Bronwyn and the rest of the team are always there, ready to make what we have today work great, and full of ideas for the next product.

Apptimi – The Inbox for Teams

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