Beginning today, we’re starting a new section on the site to help showcase local businesses. We’ll be having chats with featured businesses and our readers will be able to find out about exactly what these companies do and have to offer from the resulting articles.

To start things off, we had a chat with Samantha Kelly. Samantha owns a business called Tweetinggoddess which runs Twitter workshops and helps companies establish their social media presence. Based in Rosslare, Samantha is also the person behind Twitter based #irishbizparty which is a weekly online meet up for small businesses.

Samantha has appeared on RTE One’s She’s the Business and Dragons Den and is also the winner of a #Tweetieinspire award.

Q1 Hi Samantha, thanks for taking the time to do this. Can you tell us a bit more about TweetingGoddess and the different services you have to offer?

I started Tweetinggoddess as I had built up my profile through using Twitter when I had my first Start Up which was called Funky Goddess. So instead of using Rosslare Harbour Twitter Management for example, I thought I would keep the ‘Goddess’ name there.

I run Twitter workshops all over Ireland. The next ones are in Wexford on February 20th, Galway on February 24th and Dublin March 12th .
I also do one to one lessons and consultations with larger companies (who sometimes need to convince the old school that they need to be using Twitter for business!) This is a really nice way to show staff the value of Twitter. I sit down with the staff and do a presentation and go through how it benefits their company and help them with a marketing strategy. I also do one to one lessons and consultations.
I do speaking moments also and am on


Q2 Why Twitter? How did you start using it and why do you think it’s been so successful for you?

My sister set me up on it in August 2011, I barely knew how to use Facebook to be honest, but as I had no marketing budget, I used Twitter to market the business. And as luck would have it, I turned out to be successful using it. Also, to be honest as I was a lone parent at the time, it became a social outlet for me when the children had gone to bed!


Q3 How do you think Twitter can benefit businesses, especially SMEs taking their first steps into social media?

Well there are a very supportive bunch on Twitter. Everyone likes to help out #newbies (that’s what we call them)  And since I created #irishbizparty there is a ready made community of SMEs and Entrepreneurs ready to help you on your journey that you can connect with.


Q4 Tell us more about #irishbizparty. When and where does it happen? How did you come up with the idea?

I came up with the idea by accident. One evening after a particularly frustrating week where I couldn’t get funding and was coming up against all kinds of red tape, I just put a tweet out saying “If anyone wants a Retweet let me know and let’s have an #irishbizparty” – That was how it started! I decided that we have to help each other out as the banks weren’t helping much either the way things were.  So it kind of took off from there!

Just search for the hashtag #irishbizparty on Twitter and take part in the conversation by using that hashtag in your tweets. We are most active every Wednesday evening from 9-11pm.


Q5 From your experience with Funky Goddess, what advice would you give anyone reading this who also may have similar great idea but has no idea how to get things off the ground?

Say nothing until you have registered, have the trademark and apply for a patent if that applies.

Get a mentor. Ask a business person whom you trust for advice.

Ask family members’ opinions. If you go for it, chances are you will need support and their tolerance as you end up talking all the time about your venture.


Q6 You mentioned you run workshops and training courses. Given that there has been some high profile PR disasters on Twitter lately, I’m sure you’d agree training your staff in the correct use of social media should be high on every manager’s to-do list right now?

Absolutely! I can’t understand the amount of businesses who aren’t on Social media right now. I see lots with Facebook pages and yet no Twitter account. This baffles me for some especially as I saw one whose target market is the highest demographic on Twitter (age 35-45). I encourage all businesses to have a presence on Social media. I teach workshops and also do one to one lessons and consultations.


Q7 For anyone out there who may like to get in contact, what’s the best way?

My email is [email protected] and you can check out my website


If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase get in contact with me on [email protected]




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