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How are you different?

Sharpe Capital are a fintech company that is developing a platform to crowdsource market sentiment on global equities and blockchain assets.  We provide incentives for market prediction tests for our token holders.  We are a public platform. Traditional sentiment analysis, which hedge funds pay big money for, relies on analysing tweets and news articles to measure how positive or negative attitudes are towards assets. This is an unreliable process, so we designed the Sharpe Platform to measure market sentiment in real time, from real humans willing to hold  SHP tokens as an indication of their confidence.  We supplement this through the use neural networks at the core of its machine learning modeling algorithms to look for patterns in financial data that are predictive of future asset price.

By crowdsourcing market sentiment from users with proven a reputation and stake, we bridge the gap between automated mathematical analysis and the uniquely human perceptions of the market, which are known factors that drive irrational asset price movement. We have a product unlike anything seen before that can disrupt the capital markets sector.

Why will you do well?

 We offer something that nobody else does – we pay users for providing insight through the Sharpe platform!  The number of SHP tokens you own determines the size of your monthly payment, along with your historical accuracy and how much you use the platform. Simply put: if you own 10 SHP tokens and there is a total of 100 SHP that has been used on the platform, then you receive 10 percent of the total fee pool per prediction, plus or minus the effect of your reputation score, which reflects your historical accuracy and the amount of work that you have done – how often you used the platform.

We have just started our pre-sale and even before that moment our White List was oversubscribed.  We closed the white list at $8 million several weeks before the ICO start – which is scheduled for November 13th.  We have tremendous interest.  And we are backed by multiple revenue streams.

During the seven-day presale that began on November 6, our SHP token buyers will get  discounts.  Then we will hold a 28-day crowdsale. Altogether, we will have 150 million SHP tokens for distribution during the ICO.   We have a hard cap of  $20 million.

Where are you based?

We are physically based in London, although we are truly global and “decentralized” in at the sense that we work with a worldwide audience.  Our appeal is worldwide, and we have team members working from across the globe.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

We are getting a lot of attention and the oversubscribed White List is a proof of that.

Sharpe Capital has partnered up with TaaS (Token-as-a-Service) – a tokenized closed-end fund that is dedicated to blockchain assets.  We also have an agreement with AmaZix, which is a leading ICO consultant firm.  We are developing partnerships with other funds in both the crypto and traditional capital market sectors, and are seeing significant interest in our data products.

We recently acquired a minority stake holding in the blockchain consultancy firm AmaZix, which now has a team of over 45 people and works with major blockchain companies including Stox, Bancor, SALT, and Sharpe Capital.  We are working on some fantastic collaborations with AmaZix, so watch out for some exciting announcements in the coming weeks…

Sharpe Capital will launch the Global Sentiment platform on the Ethereum main net and we will issue the first Ether payments on 11th January 2018 – just one month after the platform has launched. This will allow us to refine the payment mechanisms as we ramp up our user base over the coming months.  That’s the plan!

Tell us about your team?

We are London based.  Sharpe Capital was founded by technology leader Lewis Barber and a mathematical modeling expert Dr. James A. Butler who is a research scientist from the University of Oxford.  We have an expanding advisory board – specialists in blockchain, mathematics, computer science, quantitative modeling and law.

What are your plans for the future?

Starting Q4 2018, hedge funds and other financial companies will be able to purchase access to Sharpe’s data feeds and financial models.  So it is not only the end users who will benefit from the model. Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) will be the first fund to test drive the Global Sentiment Index for blockchain assets under our partnership agreement.

Prior to mass market adoption, we plan on launching the Beta version of the web platform the moment the crowd sale ends, on 11th December 2017.  The platform will be available to an exclusive set of customers and community members, who will help refine the product.  By 2019 Sharp Capital plans to issue a derivative token instrument incorporating data from the platform with cutting edge machine learning-driven trading algorithms.

In about a year, we will host a 48 hour Hackathon, where attendees will build, test and deploy investment models and automated trading strategies on the Alpha modeling platform.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

In the world of the blockchain, it is crucial that your token provides real value to participants and leverages the technology in a useful way. The single most important piece of advice we have is to build the product first and have it ready to launch from day one.

What are your favorite tech gadgets?

We’re all big fans of Ledger Nano S hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrency. The Sharpe team are blockchain geeks through-and-through.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

We’d love to see “cryptocurrency made easy”, a tech device that doesn’t require an in depth understanding of blockchain technology, and allows everyone to store and spend cryptocurrency securely. We want to see Bitcoin and Ethereum move in to the mainstream, any technology that assists with that gets our vote!

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