By @SimonCocking review of Business Hack: The Wealth Dragon Way to Build a Successful Business in the Digital Age by John Lee. Available here.

Master the online tools available to grow your business and conquer the competition

Business Hack is your essential roadmap to business growth and online marketing success. Author and successful entrepreneur John Lee shares his proven methods to harness the power of online tools, including using social media—offering practical steps to create and implement highly effective cyber-marketing campaigns. Thanks to the digital revolution, you no longer need teams of marketing experts and other expensive overheads to build and promote your business. This unique and valuable resource covers everything you need to consider when building your marketing strategy, from established principles of sales to cutting-edge digital techniques.

In today’s dynamic business environment, strong and ongoing engagement in social media marketing is no longer an option–it is a necessity. From local craft-based businesses to new tech start-ups and even global multinational corporations, effective cyber-marketing can be instrumental in determining success. A comprehensive digital strategy enables you to compete across all platforms and maintain viability and relevance in the face of intense competition.

John Lee has been down the road, built an online selling platform, made sales, had success, and also lost €12,000 due to believing that Google Ad Words was working in his best interest rather than it’s own. Overall, across a variety of topics it does give him the credibility to explain the steps you need to be aware of if you want to build and grow your business. He has some good insights and he is willing to relate and share the ups and downs along the way. Reading this may well help you to achieve similar successes with your own business too, however there is no guarantee of this. Simply because a large amount of what brought Lee his success is down to hard work, pure and simple. It is achievable, and you can do it too, but it’s not necessarily glamorous or sexy. Rather it is a question of doing the right things well, consistently and sticking at it.

He does outline how to become known as an influencer in your own chosen field. This is an important attribute to achieve, but it does lead you to ponder, what if everyone wanted to become an influencer? Surely we can’t all become influencers otherwise who would there be left to listen to us? However, rather than dwelling on this perhaps, he provides a clear potential strategy for how he achieved it, with shareable elements outlined if you wish to follow a similar path too.

We enjoyed reading it, would agree with a lot of his insights and tips. From there it will be up to you how much and how soon you want it too? A useful read.

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