The address book for the 21st century has arrived and Bundly aims to be one of the must have mobile apps.

The idea for Bundly was borne out of their own experience of relocating to Ireland according to co-founder Tim Arits; “making the move was easy, sharing the information wasn’t.  We wished we could edit our own contact details on our friends’ devices and we knew others felt the same. Bundly puts the individual back in control of sharing their contact information and makes the process of updating such information for friends, family and colleagues a lot easier. We are very thankful to our many supporters and in particular to Bank of Ireland for the use of their wonderful facility at Grand Canal Branch. Their involvement really makes a different for start-ups like us.”

Javier and Tim

Pictured launching their exciting new information sharing App at Bank of Ireland, Grand Canal Quay Branch, Dublin last Friday night 15th January are Bundly co-founders (l-r) Tim Arits and Javier Mey. Bundly offers users, a quick, convenient way to edit their own contact details in friends’ address books, whether they have moved country or simply switched numbers or email.

Bundly utilises Bank of Ireland’s start-up workbench facility in its Grand Canal branch, which provides state of the art workspace facilities for start-up companies, including hotdesks, meeting space and complementary wifi.


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