By @SimonCocking review of Broken Business: Seven Steps to Reform Good Companies Gone Bad by José R. Hernandez. Available from Amazon here.

How to prevent corporate scandals and fix good companies that do wrong

The news media is replete with stories of corporate scandal, corruption and misdeeds. The need for effective crisis management and corporate governance strategies has never been greater. Broken Business explains why corporate scandals happen, what to do when scandals arise in your company, and how to prevent their future occurrence.

Offering real-world anecdotes and solutions, this book details how corporations can mitigate the risk of scandal, reform corporate image and install structures to create a more ethical and profitable company. This insightful resource dispels common misconceptions of corporate misconduct and its causes through fascinating research into human nature, and compelling storytelling that demonstrates fundamental flaws in corporate culture.

Author José Hernandez draws on decades of experience working with high-profile global corporations to present seven essential steps for transforming a company, including building a better culture, more effective compliance systems and re-focusing the strategy. This book allows you to:

  • Examine current and highly publicized cases of corporate scandal and their impact on corporate credibility
  • Employ practical methods to rehabilitate your corporation’s public image
  • Implement managerial frameworks to quickly address cases of misconduct
  • Promote a culture of compliance and integrity to encourage good conduct in your corporate environment

For those of you of a certain age you will recall the assassination of Archbishop Romero in El Salvador. It was a terrible event, which highlighted all that was wrong with the corrupt and dictatorial governance of his country. Jose Hernandez, a native of this country, and a resident of Canada and Holland subsequently has carved out a long and successful series of careers at the forefront of corporate governance best practice. And also dealing with its abuses and misuses too. His varied and interesting career trajectory left him well place to conceive, research, and over three years, write this book.

Hernandez is clear of the challenges faced in discussing this area. His goal is not to provide a ‘cheaters guide’ for companies looking to ‘do the wrong thing’ and get away with it. Rather, from his long and deep experience he has recognised that these scenarios occur, and need to be dealt with as early and effectively as possible. His fictionalised case study of Wind International draws on real world experiences to demonstrate what can happen, and how it needs to be identified, accepted, addressed, dealt with, and avoided in the future ideally.

We have reviewed a lot of books recently looking at the need for mindful leaders, the value of compassion, and business ethics, this book is very much a complimentary tool in the tool box, proving you with the skills to deal with situations where it doesn’t go right. We enjoyed reading this book, and found it to be a realistic, informative and engaging explanation of the challenges faced by companies, and some valuable tips to steer the right path as you grow and expand.

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