The availability of the internet is hardly an issue to anybody living their normal lives in Europe or North America. The coverage is decent in most of the areas which allows to browse news portals, social platforms or work remotely from almost everywhere you go. Well — don‘t take it for granted. Guest post by the Iungo team, see more here.

Over 4.3 Billion people globally are still unable to reap the fruits of internet because of it simply being unavailable where they live. That is more than half the global population which still is not connected to Facebook or might not even know about email. One company think that the situation is innapropriate and must be changed here and now.

IUNGO — Internet for everybody

IUNGO is an innovative team of socially responsible IT professionals with an idea that might just do some good for the world. They believe that that universal, affordable internet access is a basic human right which must be ensured anywhere in the world.

A large number of enterprises, governments and international organisations have thus far failed miserably to achieve this through their centralized approach of the issue. Almost certainly due to centralization being too expensive to develop and maintain, and the lack of a scalable system of grassroots incentives . Especially in regions of the developing world with low income.

Currently, there is another approach that just might turn this vision into reality. IUNGO has created a decentralized global network of internet suppliers and consumers with a Token based economy powered by a closed loop of economic and civic incentives. Every individual or business anywhere in the world can start earning some income solely by providing fast, affordable and secure internet to their community, clients or citizens. And again — we are speaking about a single solution that will be applied anywhere in the world.

Tokenized closed loop economy

The main idea of the technology is to incentivize the network in order to provide internet access in any area. It doesn’t matter whether this is in the middle of London, Arctic Siberia or far inland in Ghana. By all means, the main target is to cover areas that are still waiting for their turn.

It is easier to imagine when you get a clear example, so here is one. Nothing would tell the story better than a small village in the middle of Africa where electricity might be generated using solar systems and the satellite based broadband is shared with the community via IUNGO.

The advantages for the consumers consist of fast, secure, instantaneous WiFI internet access anywhere in the world. No forms to fill in, no risk of personal data being stolen, no extortionate hidden roaming charges.

A Freemium concept will be one of the key components of IUNGO’s processes. There will be several forms of services that every user could get for free. However, there will also be additional services which could be accessed by using ING tokens. For example VPN connections for total privacy, enterprise grade security for travelling professionals and extreme high speed. This is what IUNGO plans to start with.

Speaking about the services for businesses, they will include marketing tools like user emailing services and in app advertising. Premium services will be paid for in ING tokens by both users and providers via the IUNGO wallet. Which makes it very convenient to own as much tokens as possible if you‘re a frequent traveller, for example.

Third party services will also be welcome. The increased effectiveness of faster reach is only possible with the technology that is open for everybody to use, upgrade and improve. Therefore, IUNGO will be using open source software and all other companies as well as individuals with great ideas could easily implement them to make this network even better. These third party services will also leverage IUNGO tokens for payment, therefore creating an ecosystem of applications operating on top of the core IUNGO protocol framework.

Our people deserve better

There were times not long ago when a very promising project called had announced its plans to cover the planet with the internet. However, it seems to failed by now, or is moving too slowly at best.

One of the main reasons why is that so — the centralized concept of the processes. It cannot work properly where there is no stable supply of electricity or the right infrastructure.

And there is another reason. To maintain the whole infrastructure in order to reach every single village in Africa, India or elsewhere is pain. It does not sound realistic for profit seeking Telcos nor will it ever be because of the ridiculous cost and lack of potential revenues.

In way, all this situation might seem like a vicious circle. No infrastructure means no internet, no internet means lack of skills and lack of skills is because there is no internet to learn from. It is very real problem in many regions of the world especially now when most of us get paid to sit by a computer all day. 4 billion people would be more than happy to get this opportunity as well, however, they can‘t. Yet.

IUNGO’s decentralized solution is dissolving these barriers where centralized solutions by governments, International Organisations like the UN and even global technology giants have failed. By leveraging Ethereum ERC20 technology to create the framework for a decentralized, incentive based global mesh network, the IUNGO Network will scale infrastructure to areas of the world where corrupt governments have failed and profit seeking corporate giants did not see enough margin.

This ICO is a force for good in the world

IUNGO has already achieved a couple of fantastic goals. First of all — they have already developed the working solution and the MVP. It is now being tested and soon will be ready to hit the market. That, of course, will depend on the success of the ICO.

Another impressive achievement is selling out over 1.3 million tokens on their pre-ICO fundraising campaign. This must have truly felt right to invest in a business which aims to improve people’s lives and more importantly to help them to reap the fruits of the technologies that are ordinary for us.

Token Generation Event (ICO) starts on the 7th of December 2018.

Internet access is a basic human right and this time it is also up to YOU to decide whether to bring it to the developing world or not.

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