Mark Scully, Founder and Director at Learn Inbound, talks to us about their upcoming event and the inspiration behind it.

Where and when will the event be held?

The event is held in The Round Room at Mansion House in Dublin, starting at 8am, with an after party set to follow at 37 Dawson Street on November 1st.

How many years has it been going on?

Learn Inbound was launched in 2013 and has been helping those working in marketing bring their skills to the next level ever since.

What was the inspiration to start it?

As digital marketers, we spent time looking around at events aimed at us -people with a few years experience, working on day to day problems and seeking to improve their skills with advanced and really actionable information. While lots of events were being set up to tackle the introduction to such things, nothing was on offer aimed at professional marketers looking to move to a higher level. Rather than sitting back and hoping for someone to fill that need, we decided to step up and do it ourselves.

What exciting things can people look forward to for the 2017 version?

The focus at all our events is on actionable information you can take away and put into practice for your own business the next day. From how to formulate strategies that really drive performance right down to how to optimise the execution of individual tactics, the events are all about helping each of us to do our jobs better and expand our knowledge. 

As a single track event we have a highly curated schedule of talented speakers chosen from around the world. With topics ranging from the psychology of conversions right across to how to successfully build a self-managed marketing team there’s information there to add value for businesses at each step. In November, we’ve expanded our offerings to also include free workshops on a few niche topics on the day before and will have a couple of surprises still to come to add even more value for attendees. 

What opportunities are on offer for those attending?

Much of the value from any event is the value you can gain in networking with fellow attendees. At Learn Inbound events, we work hard to create a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere to facilitate just that. From the early days, several of our regulars joke that it really is an inbound marketing party rather than a conference. We’ve worked hard on creating a code of conduct to help that atmosphere flourish. We’ve expanded on that to offer some additional steps to help ensure the safety and happiness of all our attendees. We want people to learn and network with other super smart marketers in a way that they’ll really enjoy.

We’re fortunate to also work with some amazing sponsors who really buy into what we’re trying to do with the events. The guys at 256 Media have done a great job in explaining the benefits an attendee can expect.

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

The first thing I’d say to anyone attending an event to get the most out of it is to be themselves. We can all give great tips and ideas to maximise results or increase efficiency, but the reality is that doing what comes naturally for you will normally end up working best for you. That said, reaching out of that comfort zone just a little to try things is fantastic too. So don’t let fear get in the way of growing your business. 

I’ve written about networking at events a number of times in the past and the general advice doesn’t tend to change too often.

– Do pre-conference outreach to maximise opportunities

– Don’t be afraid to stand out in a way you’re comfortable with

– Share your own creativity while you’re sharing the content from the event, it’ll make you stand out

– Make yourself recognisable at the event from your social profiles, it really helps when networking

– Aim to build valuable relationships not meaningless introductions.

The work doesn’t stop after the event. Following up on those leads and introductions is a vital part of getting value from the networking at events. So be sure to put aside a little time to facilitate this if you did make valuable contacts. It’s also be really valuable to help share the knowledge you’ve learned at an event. When talks are packed full of valuable takeaways there’s no better way to ensure those ideas remain in your own head and add value for your colleagues than by bringing back those conference takeaways.

How can people book tickets?

A few tickets, at least for now, can still be grabbed on our website at

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