With European Mobility Week less than 3 months away, the EU has identified bike and car sharing as the focus for the week and is encouraging local authorities to launch and promote permanent measures. MEP Brian Hayes has called on Irish local authorities to engage with car sharing service providers to make available space for additional cars.

GoCar plans to double its fleet of shared cars in 2017, bringing the total number of shared vehicles to 300 by the end of 2017, with plans to expand in a number of regional locations as local authorities allow.In a recent statement, Brian Hayes MEP explained: “Car sharing is a concept which is becoming increasingly popular across Europe. Car sharing allows people to hire cars for as little as an hour, using a booking system to reserve the vehicle and in-car technology to unlock the car and drive. It is ideal for people who only need occasional access to vehicles and don’t want to own one. Fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance are all included.

“With just 215 shared cars operating in Dublin and Cork, Ireland is lagging behind other small European countries in terms of provision and take-up of this service. Switzerland, for example, has a fleet of over 3000 cars, while Italy, Spain, Germany and France also have much higher numbers of car sharing users.

“Car sharing reduces car dependency, congestion, noise and air pollution, and frees up land traditionally used for parking spaces. Each shared car replaces approximately 15 private cars, as well as increasing use of public transport.

“GoCar has been providing car sharing in Ireland since 2008, and has over 10,000 people registered, but with cars in just two of the major cities in Ireland, penetration of the market is limited.”

Drivers can visit GoCar.ie/Locations to request a GoCar in a new location.

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