New research conducted on behalf of shows that over three-quarters (77%) of Irish broadband customers stuck with their broadband provider last year, even though only just over half of people (54%) said they were satisfied with the performance of their home broadband.

More than one in four (28%) broadband users have never changed provider. For many households, this means missing out on essential savings to be made from a raft of new broadband offerings recently introduced into the Irish market by a range of broadband suppliers.

The research shows that, for those who do switch, the cost and speed of broadband are the two biggest factors at play, with price being the main reason influencing people’s decisions to switch (33%), followed by broadband speed (21%). 15% of households are driven to switch due to their data allowance, with this figure likely to increase in the months ahead as new content-rich services become available.

One in five (20%) people with broadband at home have a standalone broadband product, while the same amount have broadband, TV and home phone with the one provider.

Eoin Clarke, Managing Director of Switcher, said: “Broadband is seen as an essential utility for most but the cost can add up to a small fortune each month. If you haven’t switched providers in a while then you’re not alone. Our research found over three-quarters of people didn’t switch their broadband provider last year, and more than a quarter have never changed their broadband provider.

“While we’re getting the hang of switching some home essentials like car insurance, when it comes to broadband, people are nowhere near as proactive. Regular price rises, and higher bills following introductory offers, have meant rising costs for broadband users who don’t switch regularly.

“There are no prizes for loyalty. Broadband users who take the time to switch provider or tariff can save hundreds of euro a year. Given the amount and variety of packages in the market, there is huge scope for people to shop around and find a deal that really suits their needs. This could mean a cheaper plan, faster broadband speed, a bigger data allowance, or a combination of these things. Customers may also want to consider bundling their broadband with TV and home phone, as bundling your services can save you up to €300 per year.”

Consumers can use’s free Broadband Deal Checker tool to compare the best broadband deals available in their area.

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