Box the online file-sharing and personal cloud content management service for businesses that was founded in 2005, has announced Box Trust their latest product.  Box whose customers include over 32 million people and 275,000 companies, made the announcement in a blog post written by co-founder Aaron Levie.

Box Trust will help their customers use a modern security framework as they start to move information and collaboration to the cloud. Box Trust will give customers access to Box’s security products, visibility into their various compliance & controls, and a vetted ecosystem of security and governance technology.

Box realised that as they began working with larger, security conscious enterprises and users such as GE, Toyota, Eli Lilly, Stanford Medical, DreamWorks and Procter & Gamble who have also been early adopters of content collaboration in the cloud and on mobile devices. The need for a thorough evaluation of the security framework was required as businesses don’t have the luxury of being able to move tens of thousands of employees and hundreds of terabytes of data to the cloud whilst putting all the security implications on the back burner.

Aaron stated “I’m excited to announce Box Trust, an initiative to help our customers successfully embrace a modern security framework as they move information and collaboration to the cloud. Through Box Trust, customers will have the best access to Box’s security products, visibility into our various compliance & controls, and a vetted ecosystem of security and governance technology partners. For the first phase of Box Trust, we’d like to share a bit more about how we’re working with the security ecosystem — including Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, OpenDNS, Skyhigh, Okta, MobileIron, Airwatch by VMware and many others — to provide the most trusted services to our customers, helping them protect and manage their content in the cloud”.


As businesses move to the cloud via desktops and mobile devices, information has remained the most important enterprise asset. Collaboration between co-workers and sharing with customers and suppliers globally, has forced the need for information to be moved between people, devices and applications as and when required. This has also made the security and management of enterprise data a top priority.

Aaron also stated “This is what the Box Trust ecosystem is all about. Box Trust Partners — 19 in total so far including all new partners Symantec, Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, Sumo Logic and OpenDNS — are all vetted to provide best-in-class interaction with our APIs, support for our customers, and offer value-added capabilities on top of our platform. Our partnership with the security ecosystem is incredibly important to the successful delivery of Box into the enterprise, and our work here is just beginning”.

Box who has a large market share in the enterprise market is now targeting the consumer market, where Dropbox is the market leader. They are offering 10 GB free storage space and the mobile version of Box is available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, WebOS, and Windows Phone devices. As Box moves into the consumer market and also introduces Box Trust for the enterprise user, the future for the cloud has never looked so good.

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