By Mylvio Mendes

A Business Phone System is something used for any type and size of a company. In relation to sales, it can be vital for many businesses, or even the key success. The most asked question from Sales Managers is “How do we increase our sales?”, but first, you need to ask some other questions:

  • How can we improve our communication with our customers?
  • How can we develop new communication channels and integrate them?
  • How can we measure and improve our sales approach?
  • How can we evaluate our sales team?
  • How can we better train our sales team?

For all these primary questions, I have a single answer for you: implement the right Business Phone System in your organisation.

Tools to Improve your Sales:

There are many strategies and technologies that can help a business to improve the performance of its sales agents. The internet has opened a whole new range of strategies such as email campaigns, auto follow-ups, live chat triggers and many others. Software such as CRM can help sales agents to manage perfectly their relationship with the customer through all stages of the sales funnel.

The phone call is still the most used and best tool for sales conversion.  Acording to NUACOM, a Business Phone System will allow you to automate your call flow, have all calls recorded, handle unlimited calls simultaneously and eliminate the busy line from your organisation.

Here are the TOP 10 benefits your business can take from a Business Phone System:

– For outbound calls:

The system can be fully integrated with CRM software.  This can help sales agents to combine a range of sales tasks and carry them out much more effectively. All call recordings will be available with the focus on closing more deals.

Click-to-Call: you can call a number by simply clicking on it, on your desktop or laptop screen. This allows sales agents to save time, avoid misdialling, contact more customers and find more sales leads.

Unlimited Calls: it can offer unlimited local and international calls. This means that your sales team can contact as many prospects as they want, anywhere.

Custom Call ID:  This is important for those companies selling in the international market. Customers prefer their suppliers to have a local presence. With this, you can open-up new markets.

Remote Work Mobility:  Your sales agents should always be on the go. With remote work mobility, sales agents can make calls from the office or on the go with their smartphones, through softphones. It is like having the extension in their pockets.

– For incoming calls:

IVR (Interactive Voice Response): This allows all your calls to be automatically greeted with professional message. It means, all calls are answered without the need of a receptionist at this stage. This can also include information on opening hours for example. This feature also routes calls to the relevant department.

Call Queuing: this allows your customer to wait until an agent or representative is available. No more engaged tone!

Find-me Follow-Me: if you need to be in constant contact with your callers, even when you are not in the office, there is a feature that can help.  The Find-me Follow-me function means that all the incoming calls to your extension will be redirected to your mobile. This means that a customer will be able to contact a sales person directly, either the agent has internet connection for remote work mobility or not, with no delay.

Call Groups: This function allows a company to set up all incoming calls related to sales to ring on all your sales team’s devices.  This means that you optimise the response time of your sales team.

Number-name indicator: this feature allows sales reps and agents to know who is calling. This means that they can provide a better service by personalising their greeting after picking up a call.

These are just 10 of many Business Phone System Features. These are all ways to improve your sales process. There are even more available, that could help to drive your business forward. If you want to know more about how a Business Phone System can help you to grow your business, get in touch here: [email protected].

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