Blueface has announced the launch of a new video conferencing service using browser based webRTC technology. Blueface Video Conferencing enables visual engagement online with anyone, anywhere in the world, saving users time and money. This is the first significant development from Blueface since its merger with Star2Star Communications in January.

Blueface say ease of use and customer experience was a priority when developing this new service. Customers don’t have to download an app to use the service, making it a more convenient option. Customers can access Blueface Video Conferencing from their Blueface Unified Communications Portal. The service which is accessible on both mobile devices and desktop has a number of features enabling users to communicate and collaborate online. It will allow customers to schedule group calls and invite other users and also offers other functions such as screen sharing collaboration and instant messaging. The Blueface Video Conferencing Service is safeguarded with Blueface AI Anti-Fraud, which detects malicious cyber-attacks and protects customer meetings.

Speaking at the recent launch of this new service, Chief Executive of Blueface, Alan Foy, said: “We looked at what was available in the market, and decided to build our own video collaboration platform. This new service will be a game changer for Blueface in Europe, as the market has been underserved with video conferencing services. Ultimately this is a brand new product for European customers, and we think they will definitely embrace it.”

Customers can find out more about Blueface Video Conferencing here.

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