At last Sundays BloggerConf, Sinéad Keavey a lawyer with William Fry Solicitors gave some very important social media legal tips. If you don’t think before you tweet or ensure that anything you write on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr can be backed up with hard facts and evidence. Sinéad gave the following ten tips that every blogger using social media to promote themselves and their Blog should follow:

1 – Stay balanced and make sure everyone has rights i.e. can you backup what you are saying.

2 – Don’t use Twitter casually, think before you tweet as once you have tweeted you can’t turn back time and delete it.

3 – Don’t confuse the truth with the option of the majority i.e. reporting our opinions as facts and make sure that you can prove anything that you tweet.

4 – Make sure that nobody is defamed and before you RT make sure you know it won’t cause you any problems.

5 – If you don’t name anyone but give hints that more or less says who that person is you will get into trouble.

6 – Beware of tourists, liable tourism i.e. people from U.S. as libel laws here are strict and lots of money awarded. Dublin is now the defamation capital of the world

7 – Protect yourself online from trolls etc.

8 – If you publish pics of Celebs make sure you get their consent as they may go after you.

9 – Always be upfront if you are advertising and let people when you are.

10 – When it comes to image rights, make sure that you consent of person whose image you are using.

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