Last Sunday in the Marker hotel BloggerConf 2015 conference took place and it was one of the best conferences that I have attended. The conference was aimed at Bloggers and unlike most Blogger conferences it did not stick to topics suited to fashion and beauty Bloggers. Since fashion and beauty are the main topics covered by most Irish Bloggers, Emma O’Farrell the organiser could have easily played it safe and not veer from fashion or beauty. Emma decided to cater for Bloggers that cover all topics and she assembled an impressive array of speakers and masterclasses.

The masterclasses were:
Top Twitter tips, with our very own Samantha Kelly, the Tweeting Goddess.
How to work with PR & Brands hosted by Rachel Dalton Communications.
How to monetise your blog with Adsense, SEO & more hosted by Google.
VIDEO for Vloggers with Canon Ireland & Simeon Quarrie.

Speakers on the day included Barbara Scully, Google, Joan Mulvihill, Rachel Dalton from Rachel Dalton Communications Jenny Taaffe from iZest Marketing, Sinéad Keavey from William Fry Solicitors, Mummy Pages and Failte Ireland. As the conference was aimed at all Bloggers there was something for everybody and you were reminded how easy it is monetise your Blog. The easiest way to monetise is by signing up to Google AdSense and Google gave us a masterclass on this.

The Tweeting Goddess reminded us of the power of Twitter and why we should use it to promote our blogs. Facebook is mainly used to keep in touch with friends and family but Twitter can be used to communicate with Brands and also the influencers that can help bring you to a wider audience with just one retweet.

Cannon Ireland and Simeon Quarrie gave great hints and tips on recording videos and also taking great photos for your Blog.

SQThe Tec Dr on stage with Simeon. Photo courtesy of Laura Mullet.

Simeon mentioned one very important top tip, when you take photos and also film from various angles that you would not normally use, you are keeping your readers and viewers interested. Also mentioned was how to use lighting when taking photos or videos.

Insights from Sinéad Keavey on Social Media legal tips can be found here, and insights from Rachel Dalton on how Bloggers can work with brands can be found here.

It was refreshing to see a conference that covered more than the typical Blog topics of fashion and beauty and it was also great to some hear some world class speakers and attend some fantastic masterclasses. Jenny from iZest Marketing summed it up well when she said “Build a personal brand” and “Anyone can copy what we do but not who we are”.

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